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Are you trying to sell your courses or

Download the Resource Guide Get it HereOpens Google Drive Link I believe that using webinars to gain coaching clients is one of the most powerful client acquisition strategies. Especially when it comes to gaining high ticket coaching clients. When I started my coaching business I started with no list. I reached out to a friend

Meet Amanda. She’s written for Inc Magazine, has been featured in Seventeen Magazine, and been interviewed on the Entrepreneur on Fire podcast. She was offering 1:1 coaching sessions at what she thought was a reasonable rate.    She decided to work with us because she was booking calls here and there with potential clients but

What if you have an email list but it’s small? How do you make sales when people are just meeting you for the first time?   And what if on top of that, you have no desire to host sales calls?   That’s Tela’s story. Watch to see how she grew a small list to

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