Is it possible to make ten thousand dollars in under 30 days by creating a group coaching online program?

The answer is a resounding yes!

In fact, one of my clients was able to earn $9,500 in less than two weeks.

She did it by creating her very own online group coaching program.

It was a program that had not been created before she started selling it.

We worked together inside my signature coaching program.

How did she do it?

She used marketing!

Specifically, she used the following three important steps to marketing anything online.

I call them my 3 C’s.

If you’re interested in marketing your own group coaching online program, you must:

  1. Make it clear
  2. Market with with confidence, and
  3. Call “in” your clients.

Let me explain a little more.

Tip 1: Make it Clear

The first step to marketing your group coaching program online is to make it clear.

What does it mean to make it clear?

There are two major elements, the intangible and tangible.

What is the intangible outcome of your online group coaching program?

The intangible relates to the outcome or transformation of your group coaching program.

It’s what’s in the program.

Every coaching program should have a transformation.

Your potential client has to clearly understand that there is a transformation.

And, they should be clear on what that transformation is, if you want to make a sale.

  • What will they receive as a result of working with you?
  • What will be their ultimate transformation?
  • What outcome will they achieve?

When you’re selling a coaching offer, it’s important to understand that you’re not just selling access to you.

You’re selling an outcome.

It’s the thing they’re going to achieve and how they’re going to feel by the end of your coaching program.

Not only do you have to be crystal clear on their transformation, you also must communicate their transformation as well.

What is the tangible outcome of your online group coaching program?

The second major element includes the tangible elements of your program.

These are especially important when offering a group coaching program online.

For example:

You must know what each of those individual tangible items are, so you can clearly communicate them.

  • Are they getting videos?
  • What types of worksheets can you provide?
  • For your group calls, how many will they get?
  • If they’re getting one-on-one calls, how many of those will you provide?
  • Do they get a project management dashboard?
  • What can you provide in your group coaching program that your clients can walk away with?

You want to be able to provide as much value as possible.

And you’ve got to make it clear upfront what’s included, especially when selling online.

Selling a coaching program online is much different than selling in-person.

If you’re not promoting your coaching program in-person or using a live webinar, prospective clients can’t immediate ask questions.

So, you must convey as much clear value in writing as possible.

Tip 2: Market with Confidence

How do you market a group coaching program with confidence?

This is one of the first assignments that I teach in my signature coaching program, The Path to Six Figures.

I give a confidence booster assignment that allows you to get clear on your unique selling proposition.

It also challenges you to answer why someone should want to work with you over working with someone else.

This way, when you’re going into a sales call you’ll be extremely confident that you can help your prospective client.

I suggest you also do these exercises.

When you’re clear on your unique selling proposition, you’ll also be clear on your ideal client.

As a transformational coach, for example, you can’t necessarily guarantee results because you’re not doing the work for your clients.

They still have to show up and put in the effort, especially in a group coaching online program.

While you can’t guarantee results, you can be 100 percent confident you can help them, if they show up and put in the work.

You have to be confident those clients are right for what you offer, in order to market that confidence.

You want to be sure your offering is right for them.

Tip 3: Call “In” Your Ideal Clients

Marketing a group coaching online program can be difficult.

But not if you’re marketing with a message that speaks directly to your clients.

Calling “in” your clients is simply another way of saying that you must attract clients in your group coaching online programs.

You want them coming inbound after reading your content.

Your marketing message has to speak directly to the person with whom you want to work, in order to call in your ideal clients,.

At the same time, you must disqualify all the other people who might not be a good fit for your offer.

Example of Calling “In” Your Clients

For example, if you know your only want to work with action-takers and decision-makers, specifically call them out.

You can write, “I only work with people who take fast action and who make fast decisions,” in your online advertisements and sales pages.

When I first started my coaching business I didn’t have a really good process to qualify my ideal clients.

I did discovery calls and got people on the phone who really weren’t necessarily a good fit.

They were either not the type of person I wanted to work with, or they weren’t where they needed to be.

I started to get frustrated because these calls were a clear “no, I can’t help you.”

It was not only me saying no, but sometimes them saying no, too.

They couldn’t clearly see how I could help them.

Eventually I realized I need a better process to qualify my clients.

Not only that, I needed to get really, really specific on the clients that I did help.

That’s when I started turning down more calls before I even got on the phone.

My Realization

When I took calls with clients who were a good fit, it became a win-win situation for both of us.

So, I created my online sales presentation that pre-qualified only those clients before they could even contact me.

After that, I began signing up more qualified clients into my online group coaching programs.

My business really began taking off once I got clear on my call outs.

On my online sales presentation, also known as a webinar, I detailed my exact process.

I talked about the types of clients that I helped to get results.

And I explained the types of people that I wanted to work with.

I also made sure to mention the people who were not a good fit for what I did, too.

Before I created my sales presentation, I used to explain all of this on a phone call.

I used to have to do this on every single call.

Honestly, it started to get a little bit tiring.

Once I created a sales presentation, I started getting qualified calls.

It became much easier to make sales into my group coaching programs.


Make your coaching programs clear, market with confidence, and call in your ideal clients.

Follow this 3 tips to really create your group coaching programs online.

But if you want to sell a group coaching program, my very favorite way to do this is by using a webinar.

The webinar is just a piece of a 4-step marketing system to get coaching clients.

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