Are you ready to get coaching clients but don’t have a signature coaching program?

In this post I’ll cover how to get coaching more clients by creating a signature coaching system.

We’ll also discuss marketing it using a 4 step marketing client gaining system, such what I teach in my own signature coaching program, The Path to 6 Figures.

What is a Signature Coaching Program?

A signature coaching program is a proprietary system or framework that you use to help your coaching clients achieve the results they desire.

Your system can be based on coaching tools that you’ve received through your certification process.

However, your system can also be something that you’ve seen or experienced, yet you realized that it can be done a different way. We’ll use the words signature coaching program or system throughout this article to refer to your proprietary training process including coaching tools.

Why Should Coaches Have a Signature Coaching Program?

It’s important to have a signature coaching program because it’s what your coaching practice becomes known for.

Your system becomes part of how you brand yourself as a coach.

Once your clients go through your signature one-on-one coaching program and get results, it’ll be easy for them to tell others about their experience.

Also, if you have more than one program or course, it’ll be easy for your coaching clients to distinguish your lower tier products from your high-tier coaching services.

7 Steps to Create and Market Your Signature Coaching Program

In one of my previous YouTube videos, I discuss these same ideas around creating online group coaching programs.

Check it out here!

In summary, here are the steps to create a signature coaching program and how to market it to get more clients:

  1. Figure Out The Signature Coaching System
  2. Determine the End Goal for your Clients
  3. Break the End Goal into Smaller Segments
  4. Become the Best at Marketing Your Signature Program
  5. Name Elements of Your Signature Program
  6. Choose Ideal Clients for Your Coaching Program
  7. Sell Your Signature System Using a Webinar

1. Figure Out The Signature Coaching System

Your signature coaching program is your specialty, a process that only you do, and ideally something that you’re really, really good at.

It’s a program that you’ve created that includes your approach to coaching. Your coaching approach is where you know you can help your coaching client get results.

2. Determine The End Goal for Your Clients

Begin setting up your signature system by figuring out what the end goal for you clients will be.

Then, think about how long it would take your clients to reach their goal. The answer may come from your coaching experience or coaching models you have learned during your certification process or on-going training.

3. Break Your System into Smaller Segments

Once you’ve figured out the end goal and determined how long it would take to achieve their results, break the end goal into smaller segments.

I prefer to create an 8 to 12 week project-based program. You can have a longer program, something that’s 12 months long or 6 months long. But, I find that when I’m working with clients, we can get a lot done in the span of eight weeks.

Once we get their program completed, I check in on them on a weekly basis and adjust as needed.

That’s the time-frame to complete my signature system.

What is it for you?

Figure out the end goal for your client, then break it down into smaller segments.

4. Become the Best at Marketing Your Signature Program

The next thing that you’ll want to do is become the go-to person for the transformation you teach.

For example, I believe I’m the go to person to help people create and market their coaching business.

I do this through my Path to 6 Figures program, which has the option to include my personalized signature coaching.

So, it became almost the only thing that I talk about.

If you start talking about your topic and then suddenly you’re talking about another topic, you’re going to confuse people.

For example, let’s say you want to be the go to person for losing weight with Keto, but then all of a sudden you start talking about the Paleo Diet.

Then, you begin talking about intermittent fasting.

It becomes difficult for people to trust that you can you actually help them get results with Keto.

If you really want to get coaching clients, you want people to come to you because of your signature system.

That means that you have to be the go to person for that transformation.

When clients come to me, they know that I can help them create a sales funnel.

Even the clients who work with me one-on-one at the highest level know this.

It’s important to “plant your flag” and be the go to person for the thing you offer.

They means also creating the content around that.

Others will say that you need to constantly create blog posts or do a lot of social media posting.

But, having one really good sharable quality piece of content works well, too.

That content can become your lead magnet at the start of your email funnel.

When you start working on your funnel, you want to bring them through a process.

This process helps establish who you are and establishes your expertise.

Typically, you’re going to do this when you first capture their email address.

That lead magnet can be a free pdf, free training, or whatever it is that brings them in for the first time.

Here’s one of my lead magnets I’ve used for a while, my coaching package template.

5. Name Elements of Your System

As you’re creating your signature system, you can make it much more powerful if you can name elements of your system.

For example, I’ve got the Anti-Webinar™, which is an element of my system.

It’s different from all the webinars out there, but it’s very, very powerful and very strong.

Most webinars are boring which is why I help clients create an Anti-Webinar™.

Another piece is the You’ve Got Clients® system.

So instead of saying webinar sales funnel, I call it the You’ve Got Clients® system.

It’s essentially the same thing, but I’ve named my signature program and the elements of my system.

I want people to know “that’s a You’ve Got Clients® system” and that it’s different from just a regular webinar sales funnel.

Obviously there are a couple of different pieces, because that’s what makes it my signature system, so you have to figure out what those elements are for your program.

6. Choose Ideal Clients

When it comes to marketing your signature coaching program, you should only offer your signature system to the right clients.

You must be really clear on who you can help and you’ve got to get really honest.

You can’t help everyone.

When you get really clear on who you help, your signature system should be customized to help these specific signature type of clients.

I know the types of clients that I can work with.

These are the clients that I can help get the best results.

Frankly, those are the only clients that I want to work with.

I will turn down clients who are not a good fit because otherwise, I’ll dilute the results of my signature system.

If clients who are not a good fit come through and they don’t get results, then it seems like the signature system is not working when I know that it does.

So, you’ve got to be really clear on who you work with.

You can use the ideal client profile template on this page if you need help figure out who are your ideal clients.

7. Sell Your Signature System Using a Webinar

Finally, one of the best ways to sell your signature system is to sell it via a webinar.

Share the steps in your signature system.

You don’t have to share everything, but you definitely want to explain what you do.

That’s exactly what I do in my Path to 6 Figures training.

During the training, I tell you all about the Anti-Webinar™, which is a piece of my signature system.

I tell you about how we’re helping our clients to get cheap webinar registrations.

Then, I tell you about how we’re writing the webinar, as well as the follow up process that we use.

I don’t hold anything back because I believe “everything is googleable”.

You could figure out almost anything if you wanted to just start searching webinar sales funnel.

I guarantee you’ll find so many different tools and sources of information out there.

The same is true for your potential clients.

However, the clients that want to work with you will do so because you’ve branded yourself using your signature coaching program’s name.

That’s the whole point.

Be confident in that, and don’t worry about giving away too much information.

If you want even more help creating your very own signature coaching program and also want to fill it using a 4 step client gaining marketing system, see if The Path to 6 Figures is the right fit for you.

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