Free Downloadable Coaching Program Template

Getting your coaching program started?

Download this free coaching package template to create your signature program and choose pricing. Includes client welcome email template and video workshop.

Here's what's included:

  • Avoiding Common Mistakes Workshop so you'll know exactly what to include in your coaching program and how to avoid common mistakes
  • Coaching Goals Worksheet so you can start new clients off with specific achievable outcomes
  • Coaching Welcome Email Template so you'll know what to include in your coaching client welcome email
  • Sales Funnel Checklist so you'll start marketing your coaching program on the right foot

How Do I Package My Coaching Program?

*This is a digital product

Inside the coaching templates, you'll find writing prompts to help you determine exactly what you want to offer your clients in your signature coaching program. You'll clarify your vision and mission. You'll outline client expectations, describe your services, and choose pricing. You'll also find worksheets you can use with clients during their coaching program. Then, use the included tech video to provide clients with an editable PDF so they can choose their coaching package and return to you digitally.

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What Should I Include in a Coaching Welcome Packet?

You just got your first client, but what do you do now? Welcoming a new client and having an onboarding process is extremely important for your brand. The coaching package template includes a welcome packet that you can use for on-boarding new clients.

How Should I Price My Coaching Program?

Setting a price for a high-ticket coaching program is understandably difficult. Coaches often find it difficult to measure the amount of value they are providing. However, you might be surprised how much people are willing to pay. Generally, a “high-ticket” item is considered to be over $1000, but it could be much more. 

The key here is knowing the value of what you are providing to your client. Then, you can contrast that with what consumers are willing to pay for your service. 

The value you provide is based on the transformation that you are able to make in your client’s life through your coaching. So if you are offering a service that will offer them significant value, they will be willing to pay more for that. Watch the bonus training and you'll understand how to value your services so you can choose the right pricing.

Once you know the value of your service, you will believe your product is worth that much. And then you can communicate that to potential clients with confidence. You can show them how your coaching will give them that additional level of value. 


Price is what you pay, value is what you get.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a coaching package?

A coaching package includes all the services you provide for your clients in your coaching program.

A coaching program may include workshops, phone calls, courses, or physical resources. 

This coaching package template bundle helps you put your coaching package and its pricing for your coaching program together.

This coaching template bundle makes putting your program together much easier.

What am I getting in this coaching package template?

After entering your email address, you'll receive a confirmation email. This email includes a button so you can verify that you do in fact want to receive email from us.

You MUST click the button in this email to receive the templates.

Once you click the button, you will get a PDF download. This PDF contains the links to the editable templates, the tech video walkthrough, and the bonus video training.

What's included in the video training?

The teaching video covers how to create your coaching program, how to choose pricing, and what to say in your package. You'll also get some stories on what coaches just like you did to get high-ticket clients, or even just book those first few clients.

Why do you need my email address if it's free?

We want to make sure you actually receive the coaching templates and video training that you asked for. This is very important to us.

Providing your email address ensures that your resources go directly to you. You'll also receive additional helpful resources to you as you continue on your coaching journey. 

We'll never send you spam emails or disclosure your information to anyone! Whenever you want, you can  unsubscribe from our emails at anytime.

Is this really free?

I'm providing these coaching package templates and a coaching video workshop completely free of charge because I'm interested in helping as many coaches as possible on their coaching journey.

After providing your email address, however, you'll see a few pages that'll provide completely optional paid resources. I'm offering them because many of my clients have found them to be helpful on their coaching journey.  

These resources are optional. If you're not interested, you can simply click the no thanks link to go immediately to our thank you page.

Afterwards, you'll see our message that tells you how to receive your coaching package template bundle and your free video training immediately.

Will this coaching package template help me get more clients?

This coaching program template bundle is designed to give you the confidence you need to pitch clients on your coaching program. 

The included video training will walk you through the process of customizing the guide and you'll learn what words to put on the page. 

To get coaching clients, you'll want to watch the bonus training which covers more on marketing your coaching program and finding clients. The bonus training also includes details on our signature program- The Path to 6-Figures.

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