How you brand yourself as a coach is the one thing that separates you from other coaches?

When your clients are trying to see if you’re the perfect fit for them, what characteristics lead them to you?

It’s all about branding, and today we’re going to talk about how to brand yourself as a coach. 

Branding is simply what makes you unique, and how you stand out from the crowd.

In this case, it’s about coach branding and how you stand out from other coaches.

Coach branding is much different than growing your business online presence.

It’s all about using your business’s personality to attract the kind of clients you want to work with.

This is how I’ve stood out against a saturated market online and built my 6-figure coaching practice.

Building my brand has also given me the freedom to design and host my very own Royal Retreat for other online entrepreneurs.

Today I’m going to teach you how to do the same, and how you can brand yourself as a coach with a lucrative, thriving business. 

I’ve also create a YouTube video on how to brand yourself as a coach.

1. Find out what makes you unique

Please don’t start your coaching business thinking that people don’t care about your life or what you have to say.

You are unique, and you do have a story to tell — you just need to bring it out.

Think about the things you do regularly that make you happy. 

  • Do you hike in your free time? Show them where you’re going and the beautiful scenery you experience along the way. 
  • Do you bake a lot or make home-cooked meals? Share your ingredients and creations. 
  • Have you gone to a coaching retreat, interviewed on a podcast, spoke on a panel, or attended any business conferences? That’s pretty cool, and definitely something that makes you different from other coaches. 
  • Even if you just worked on your computer all day, what did you do? What does a day-in-the-life look like from your end? 

The point is that even if it’s nothing special in your world, it’s unique to others.

You have no idea how you could be inspiring someone, or building a connection just by sharing your life.

Your everyday habits and lifestyle make you unique.

Share your habits and use them to brand yourself as a coach.

When you’re just being yourself and creating a brand based on your interests, nobody can take that from you.

There’s no persona to keep up or anything that can just “go away” because this is who you are.

Living your unique life and showing it as part of your branding will make sure you don’t fall victim to imposter syndrome.

If you’re the brand, you’re free to pivot, and grow, and change as much as you want. 

Sharing your habits also allows you to design a business brand around what makes you happy.

For example, I love the beach.

I love traveling there, putting my feet in the sand, and connecting with other coaches in a beautiful atmosphere.

This led me to create my Royal Retreat, where I host a coaching experience in an exotic location with luxury experiences.

I combined what I love to do both personally, and professionally and it worked because I’m the brand. 

2. Share your personal story

When I say share your story, I don’t necessary mean your business story.

I’m talking more about your personal story.

What’s your “hero’s journey”?

What’s an experience that’s unique to you, or an obstacle that you had to overcome to become who you are?

What is it that makes you passionate about what you do?

Why do you do what you do? 

When you share your story and make it part of your brand, you give other people the chance to feel connected to you personally.

The details, the emotion, and the lessons behind your story helps create depth within your brand.

Your audience gets the chance to really know you, to feel like they are a part of your life, and to feel connected to you. 

Here are some questions to consider: 

  • What is it that makes you, You? 
  • How did you grow up? 
  • What are some life unique experiences you’ve had. 

List these answers out and then start sharing them as part of your brand, as if you’re talking about it with a friend! 

3. Don’t be afraid to share behind the scenes 

Yes, we’re building our brand as a coach, but in this case, it’s not all about just sharing what business is like behind-the-scenes.

We all know you’re hanging out at your laptop a lot, doing coaching calls, and doing book-work. 

I want to know your personal, daily life, behind-the-scenes.

I want to know what you’re cooking for dinner.

What did your workout look like today?

What songs or podcasts did you listened to in the car when you ran errands?

Did you travel today?

Where did you go, and what would I find in your go-to travel bag?

I even want to know what show you’re watching on Netflix! 

Don’t think that your life is boring, because people love to watch something that feels authentic, and feels relatable.

If I can’t drive the point home further, can we just talk about how we all watched The Kardashians eat salad for 20 seasons? 

When you let people in, they will start to like you.

Once they like you, they begin trusting you.

Soon enough, they’ll absorb everything you have to say and will be excited to jump on any offer you present! 

4. Be strong and confident in your opinions 

I am permitting you to let it out online!

If something is bothering you, a trend you just have to talk about, an opinion you feel strongly about, or something that just makes you feel passionate — LET. IT. OUT.

Share it, rant for a few minutes, and talk about why you feel the way you do. 

Share how you feel and don’t back down.

It’s not only fine, but acceptable, and rewarding to be strong and confident in your opinions.

If somebody disagrees with you, respectfully disagree with them.

If they unfollow you because of something you think, then they were never going to buy anything in the first place.

Losing dead weight is not a bad thing, and sharing your voice is going to do the work for you. 

The reason this works to brand your coaching business so well is that your ideal clients are like boats and they’re looking for an anchor.

And you’re their anchor. 

Your clients want someone steady, strong, and confident in what they have to say.

Make sure that when they find your brand, you’re someone they can look to for their anchor.

When they feel like they know your heart, and you’re consistent in your beliefs and values, they’ll start to fall in love with you and your brand.

They’ll look to you for guidance, and they’ll happily spend their hard-earned money on your offers because they feel like they can trust you. 

To build your brand as a coach, you want to make sure you’re being strong and confident in your opinions.

Don’t be afraid to share them. 

I hope these tips were helpful to you in building your brand as a coach.

Just remember, the more you share your true self, the easier it is for your clients to not only find you, but to know, like, and trust you. 

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