Ready to sell a group coaching program so you can make more money, save time, and help clients get even better results?

This post shares how to sell group coaching.

I’ll also share how one of my clients was able to generate $18,000 with her group coaching program in less than two weeks.

Selling Group Coaching Step 1: Make it Standard

Group coaching is typically more structured than one-on-one coaching.

There are no rules when it comes to which you choose to host.

You can start with one-on-one coaching or starting with group coaching.

It doesn’t matter.

What matters is that you understand that when you’re bringing individuals into a group coaching scenario, it won’t be very customized or personalized, unless you provide a VIP option.

That’s why, in group coaching, each of the clients you enroll needs to have a similar problem.

You want to help them all to get results.

When creating a signature group coaching program, you should already know what the process is from A to Z, in order to help them get the end result.

With a group coaching program, you’re creating a standardized process.

You can use videos, worksheets, and checklists to help each client go through a standardized process.

What I like about group coaching versus one-on-one coaching or courses is that group coaching is essentially a hybrid of the two.

One-on-one coaching is highly customized, but it can be draining and it requires more time.

One the other hand, courses provide much more leverage.

You can reach more people, but it might not be as impactful because people tend to quit courses.

This makes it harder for them to get the same results as someone could get with one-on-one coaching.

An on-demand course with a VIP group coaching option may be a better alternative than both one-on-one coaching and a stand-alone course, if you want to help clients get results.

Then, you can simply market like I explain in my article, The 4 Step Marketing System to Get Coaching Clients.

That’s why I love the group coaching with course model.

It’s an intersection of one-on-one coaching and a course.

It includes the standardized format of a course, but it also includes some sort of coaching component.

That’s exactly what my client set up.

She had a $1,500 group coaching program, which was essentially an on-demand course that included group coaching calls.

Clients were able to come to the calls, get their questions answered, and interact with their peers.

Group coaching can often be even more powerful than just a one-on-one coaching, because of the peer encouragement.

85In order to create your group coaching program, figure out the common element and make sure that is standardized.

Selling Group Coaching Step 2: Make it High-Ticket

If you’re going to do a group coaching program, it makes sense to create a high ticket offer.

It’s a happy medium between a course at a lower price point and one-on-one coaching at a higher price point.

Because it’s going to require your time and your effort, and you’re really helping them get customized results inside your group coaching program, it makes sense to offer it at a high ticket price.

My personal preference is a price point of around $1,000 to about $3,000 for your first group coaching program.

Then, you can increase your rates from there.

That brings me to the question that started this post.

How was my client able to sell over $18,000 worth of her group coaching program in under two weeks?

Selling Group Coaching Step 3: Make it Easy to Sell

Before me and my client worked together, she was already selling her program using an email funnel.

She would get subscribers on her email list, then send a series of emails to encourage them to purchase.

When we started working together, we created a very highly targeted, highly converting sales-generating webinar.

We also created ads in order to generate cheap webinar registrations.

When she presented that webinar to her audience, she was able to sell over $18,000 in just two weeks.

I caught up with her a little bit later and found out that she had sold over $23,000 in group coaching during her launch period, with just a $300 ad budget.

I was totally blown away, because these results are not common.

However, she was able to create those results unlike what she had done before because she created a webinar.

The webinar did the selling for her, even convincing new people who didn’t know her yet.

They simply watched the webinar and quickly got to know her.

In the span of a 1 hour webinar, they liked, trusted, purchased, and started getting results inside of her group coaching program.


I believe the best way to sell a group coaching program is to sell it via a webinar.

A webinar gives you the opportunity to explain the transformation your clients will achieve, gives them a chance to get to know you, and then makes them an offer.

A webinar is especially helpful if you sell your group coaching program using phone calls.

At the end of the webinar, you’d simply invite them to a phone call.

There is definitely a strategy when it comes to doing this, and I share how this strategy can supercharge your marketing during my latest training.

If you need help with your webinar, then I’d like to invite you to join me.

I’ll take you through the process of how me and my clients book our clients using webinars, how to write your webinar so that it’s a very persuasive piece of content, and how we get webinar registrations cheaply, so it makes our return on investment much higher.

In order to register just go to

See you there!

And hopefully, I’ve now answered why I believe webinars are the best way to sell a group coaching program.

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