The Client Gaining System that Turned
$10,822 Into $102,953


... Plus ... how to replenish (and manage) a steady new flow of fresh, pre-sold applicants ... allowing you to finally sell your coaching services more frequently and with ease!

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What You Will Discover...

  • How to boost coaching revenue by 5-10 times without charging clients more.

...PLUS how to decrease time required per client, increasing your time to enjoy all that extra cash

  •  Why discovery calls end with “I can’t afford it” and the effortless marketing upgrade that captivates high-ticket clients ready-to-pay. 

  • The greatest sales secret ever discovered; swipe this and potential clients become 100% convinced they need your program now! 

    Once you discover this you’ll never have to use sales tactics again.

  • Case studies of successful students who used our system to book their own coaching clients faster than they thought possible, and create sustainable income as a result
LaTisha Styles Marketing Sales Funnel Expert Webinar

Presented by:

LaTisha Styles

My name is LaTisha Styles and I help my clients create and fill their coaching programs using highly converting sales funnels.

I’ve helped my clients book new high-ticket clients within 6 weeks, 4 weeks, and even directly after our first conversation.

My clients are influencers, expert coaches, speakers, thought leaders, and authors; and are keenly focused on ROI – return on investment.

I’ve been marketing my business online for 8+ years and during that time I’ve been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, Inc Magazine, and Business Insider among other notable publications.

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