Raise your hand if you’ve ever experienced a “squirrel” moment. Or you have a hard time focusing on one thing. Or when you set goals you tend to suddenly become aware of all these other side opportunities that distract you. If your hand is in the air, stick around because today we are talking about how to overcome shiny object syndrome. 

This is a phenomenon that happens with a lot of creatives and entrepreneurs because there are so many moving parts in our business and there are multiple categories to put goals in. However, this leads to a lot of multitasking, and doing a lot of work, and not getting anything done. This brings us to my first tip for how to overcome shiny object syndrome. 

How to Overcome Shiny Object Syndrome Step One: Set Your Long Term Goals

Your long-term goals are those things that are maybe one year, five years, or even longer. For me, I start with my 5-year goal, and then I break that down into 3 year, 2 year, and one-year segments. I’ll even go down to 90-day and monthly goals so that little by little it all adds up. If thinking about that far into the future wigs you out then simply start with a 90-day or a month-long goal. The more you practice this the easier it will get. 

I recommend this for combating shiny object syndrome because this goal will act as an anchor for your business. There is one thing you can always come back to that you know is going to be needle-moving. This can keep you focused and less tempted to stray into different side projects along the way. 

How to Overcome Shiny Object Syndrome Step Two: Ask Yourself With Everything That You Do, “Is this moving me closer to my goal or further away?” 

Something that we like to say in my house and we use often is, “is this a credit or a debit?” 

If you’re looking at your accounting sheet and you’re looking at your goal, is that thing you’re doing a credit that will move you closer to your goal? Or is it a debit that’ll move you further away from your goal? That will also help you to get clarity in your business. 

Let’s say that your focus is that I need to grow my email list and you already know that’s the goal. It’s not something you just chose because you think it’s what you should do. You know specifically that this is what you’re supposed to be doing right now. Then suddenly you see a new course that’s how to brand your Instagram. You’ve always wanted to brand your Instagram. It’s been on your marketing radar, and you know that you would benefit from this course.

HOWEVER, is it getting you closer to growing your email list? Or is it going to distract you for a few weeks and pull all your attention back onto IG? 

It’s also possible to justify almost anything. Let’s say you’re looking at the Instagram course and you think “Well, if I have better content then I’ll get more followers and more followers will lead to more people tapping the link in my bio, which will lead to people signing up for my email list.” 

Yes, it’s justifiable, but you have to be honest with yourself here. Does the IG course just seem more fun? Do more followers feel sexier than a bigger email list? Are you avoiding your email list because you don’t understand it? Being clear is the best thing you can do for yourself here, and have strong goals that you can always fall back on and realign yourself with. 

Tip: This might be a time to make a challenge with yourself. Tell yourself that if you grow your email list by “x” amount, or you accomplish your monthly checkpoint or goal, THEN you can buy the Instagram course. Then, it’s a choice, not a distractionand you made progress to get there. 

How to Overcome Shiny Object Syndrome Step Three: Get a Coach. 

Get a mentor or someone who can help you. Even if it’s a consultant that’s just saying, “Here’s the roadmap, here’s the project, and here are the steps we’re going to take to get there.” 

Going back to our Instagram vs email list example, if you’re trying to justify the Instagram course saying that it’s going to help you to grow your email list, you could go to your coach. It gives you someone to brainstorm with and talk through ideas and concepts — while also holding you to the standard you want to be at. They hold you accountable to your goals and they remind you of why you need and want to stay on track. 

The reason why people experience exponential growth when they hire a coach is largely that they are being held accountable. There is someone there to toss around ideas with, and someone to keep you aligned and on-mission. 

If you want to truly overcome shiny object syndrome, hire a coach and start crushing your goals now. 

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