Am I ready to hire a coach? If you’re considering working with a coach but you’re not sure if you’re quite ready — keep reading! 

If you are wondering, “am I ready to hire a coach?” Or thinking, “I kind of want to hire a coach”. Maybe you’re thinking, “I need someone to help me but am I ready?”

If this is you, I want to share with you the very first time I hired a coach.

This was the coach who helped me to figure out the structure of my coaching business. Who helped me to figure out my pricing and encouraged me to raise my rates. She even helped me to figure out even how to plan my first retreat. Essentially, this was the coach that helped bring out the LaTisha you know today. (I am SO happy I found her!)

Am I ready to hire a coach?
When I was first researching and wondering if I was ready to hire a coach, I was probably in the same place that you are right now.

You can see a vision, and there are goals you want to hit, but you’re not quite sure if you can justify the help. 

In my case, I decided to hire my very first coach was when I hit what I call my “fed up” moment. That’s essentially what you have to hit before you realize that you’re ready for help.

To explain, I had already built a brand as a personal finance blogger and I had been doing that for several years. After a while, there got to be a point where the money just wasn’t as steady as I thought it should be or wanted it to be. I realized that I didn’t have a business model that allowed me to have that steady income. 

I wanted to create something that resembled more of a “paycheck” schedule.

Where I could depend on that income every single month or every single two weeks (like I have now where I pay myself on the 15th and the 30th without fail). When I decided to make that shift, I wondered if I was going to start all over again, what would I do? How would I structure it? What topic lights me up?

That’s when I started the brand Creating Coins.

Creating Coins was all about money and mindset. About earning more, creating wealth, and creating coins for yourself. I started making courses, doing the coaching thing, and conducting workshops. At that time I was also moving to Memphis with my new husband. 

I was so determined to make this new business work and leave the personal finance game — but it was fitting the bill.

I couldn’t even make the personal finance work happen. For a time there I actually had to go back to a full-time job. This was super frustrating to me, but it was because I was trying to do everything myself and wasn’t getting the help I needed. 

I had no idea what I was doing.

It was so painful to realize that after pushing for this business for four or five years, it was all leading to going back to a full-time job.

It was around this time when I was driving to Atlanta to go see my family. I was listening to Mary j Blige and there was a part where she says, “I choose to win”. Tears just started rolling down my eyes and I repeated over and over, “I choose to win”“I choose to win”.

That was my “fed up” moment. 

At this point, I had been doing a lot of research on different coaches and playing with the idea of hiring someone. There was a particular coach that I had been following and she opened enrollment for a year-long mastermind. Before I knew it I was messaging her on Facebook messenger asking if she still had a spot left open.

She replied, “I do, but if you want to get in, you’ll have to make the investment. Make the deposit and then I’ll send you the rest of the details.”

I responded: “Okay, great! Give me the link. I’m in the car right now, but I will make that deposit as soon as I get to the next stop. I’m excited to get started!”

At this moment there were two things I needed to do. I had to get financially ready and I had to get mentally ready.

Being in the personal finance world I was accustomed to financial planning. I was the girl that paid off $22,000 in credit card debt! The thing was, I was familiar with investing in stocks, but I wasn’t as familiar with investing in myself. There was no portfolio or statistics I could look at, evaluating myself to make sure this was going to work.

I just had to put it all out on the line and have faith. 

The thing is though you have to be OK knowing that this money is going away. You’re spending this money on yourself, and it’s gone — but so is the old way. The way you were doing things before, the old mindsets, the old habits, and the old lifestyles.

Yes, this money is leaving you, but it’s going to be replenished. Not just new money, but with a whole new perspective. When you make that choice to go in on yourself and your business, you’re automatically making the choice to succeed. YOU believe you can do it and you’re forking up the funds to prove it. 

When I realized that this money was going no matter what, I then had to get mentally ready. At that point, I made that investment. It was a year-long payment plan and the payments matched what was coming in from the one client that I had.

What that did for me was it allowed me to mentally prepare myself.

I said there’s no going back. I said, “I’m going to make this happen. I’m going to cover this investment that I made with the new money that I’m making. I won’t even have to rely on this one client that I was working with”. 

I took the leap and quit that second job before it was financially responsible. When I made that commitment and I was all in. I was doing the things that I knew I had to do. I did what was uncomfortable, and scary — but shortly after, I signed a new client at $2,500 a month. That completely covered my investment more than twice over.

Then I started signing other clients into my coaching programs. I started connecting with people who were on the same level as me, who were also investing in themselves. It just brought me to a new place of being.

It helped me create a new LaTisha. 

If you’re at that “fed up” moment like I was. You feel like, “I’m tired of doing this on my own”. If you’re craving some real support, and useful guidance — then you’re probably ready to hire a coach.

The success you want is very possible, and there are likely levels you can’t even imagine yet that are totally and completely attainable for you. However, it won’t happen from where you are right now. You are going to have to invest in yourself. You’re going to have to connect with new people. You are going to have to up-level and become that new version of yourself

At this point, there are coaches for EVERYTHING!

Anything you want to know, any time you want to go deeper, any opportunity there is for growth — there’s a coach for that. When I started looking I just went to Google, but you can find so many different people on social media, Facebook groups, podcasts, etc. Many coaches are authors, so you can check out their continent first. The right person is out there for you, and they’re going to change your life. 

Am I ready to hire a coach?

You might even be meeting your perfect coach right now! If you’re hanging out around here you likely know that I am a business coach that helps other coaches scale their businesses to 6-figures. Since hiring that first coach and quitting my full-time job (for the LAST time), I have built a multiple 6-figure (soon to be 7-figure) practice. I’ve helped tons of my own clients and I can definitely say my investment was WORTH IT. I think yours will be too! 

If you want to know more about me and my coaching style, check out my free training: The 4 Step Client Gaining System that Turned $10,822 Into $102,953! 

I’ll see you there! 

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