July 9, 2021

Are you ready to share your knowledge with the world? Today I’m going to teach you how to create an online course using Thinkific! I use this platform for all of my courses and I can’t rave about them enough. Creating these passive income streams was the true game-changer of my business, and what brought me to that consistent multiple6-figure mark. If you’re looking to bring more income and influence to your coaching business then stick around! 

how to create an online course using Thinkific

At the start, there is usually some debate on whether you should create the landing page or the course first when diving into this process. Personally, I believe in selling the course before you create it, so I would say the landing page comes first. If you want to know how I create my highly converting landing pages check out this blog post here: How To Create A Landing Page in Thinkific

For how to create a course using Thinkific, the first thing is to add a lesson and video, which is an option to click on when building the course. 

What I can do now is select a file from the library to be uploaded. Then you’re going to add the title, and I recommend you mimic whatever you promised on the sales page. 

From here you can add bonuses, homework, etc. and you rinse and repeat the cycle for each module. 

The next part for how to create a course using Thinkific is to establish your settings. 

You want to add a detailed and clear course description, and a relevant image/graphic so the student can easily follow along with the topics you’re presenting. For my images, I will create my graphic in Canva and use my branding fonts and colors, along with photos of myself and my business to establish clear branding and authority over the content. Remember that many people are looking to learn from YOU, rather than just what you’re offering. Make it an experience. 

The third part of how to create a course using Thinkific is to set a schedule. 

You can choose to release all the modules you want, or you can do what I commonly use, which is the “drip schedule”. The drip schedule allows you to drip out content week by week, or day by day, etc. Make sure that your schedule aligns with the promises made on the sales page. 

After your schedule is set, you’re going to set the payment structure. 

You can do a payment plan, pay in full, add coupons, and add the length of time for your offers. This is a pretty great resource to have if this is your first course. I tend to use a third-party resource called Thrive Cart for capturing my sales, but Thinkific does offer it too. 

Then the last part of how to create a course using Thinkfiic is to one, always make sure you’re saving your work along the way, and two, that you preview your work once it’s all finished. 

You really want to make sure you experience your course as a user so you can see if there is anything difficult to understand, or confusing, or hard to use. 

Once you’re satisfied, it’s time to launch! 

Of course, this was the Cliffnotes guide on how to create a course, and there is SO MUCH more to go through on this topic.

This is why I put everything you need to know in my new course, Passive Income Summer School! 

In this program, you get 6 virtual classes sharing how to create, price, and automate a passive income offer. 

Here’s what you’ll learn: 

  • The main passive income streams for a coach (plus the ones that pay month in and month out).
  • How to get started and where to find your best passive income sources.
  • Using big-name players like Amazon, YouTube, Facebook, and even TikTok to help you build your passive income base salary.
  • How influencers fit in and when it makes sense to buy these dirt cheap ads (and how to do it so you don’t waste money).
  • The basic passive income funnel and why you don’t need anything more complicated than this.
  • Tips to setting up digital products and courses that sell over and over again.
  • The strategy used by Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Cher that you can apply to your strategy to amp up your results.
  • Hard actionable steps that you can use right now.

Passive income is what brought my coaching business to the MULTIPLE 6-figure level, and it’s all based on content I loved creating and sells itself over and over again! 

PLUS, I am offering the program for 50% off until the first session fills up! 

Classes start soon, so if you want to add highly profitable income streams to your business and make money in your sleep, lounging by the pool, or literally doing anything, then click here to sign up! 

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