This is how I get everything I want and how I created the manifestation process for my 6-figure coaching business. 

In my business, amongst my content creation, coaching, and strategy sessions, I have a secret power that allows me to get everything I want. A process that has helped me get the love of my life, my dream body, and my 6-figure income.

Today, I’m going to take a deep dive into my manifestation game. 

I’m someone that you could call a “spiritual Queen”, ie. someone who believes in interconnecting both practical and spiritual elements into her business. One of the main ways spirituality shows up is through manifestation — something I’ve been doing for years, but just now learned how to strategically integrate, and formulate a system around it. 

Manifestation means the action or fact of showing an abstract idea. Or, in other words, to make a thought or belief a reality. To embody an idea so completely that it becomes a part of your physical reality. 

I say “physical reality” because I believe that our thoughts are a reality — but that’s a whole different topic for another time. 

One of the first ways I learned how to harness my manifestation game was when I manifested my husband. I tell the whole story in a YouTube video that you can access here:

In this video, I talk all about my manifestation process and how it all worked for me, but I was still in the process of trying to channel it into different parts of my life.

It seemed so easy for me when it came to my relationship and getting married that I figured there had to be a way to make this work when it came to my body, finances, perception of things, etc. 

It wasn’t until I really took a moment to just sit down and realize that I actually do have a manifestation process. 

When I learned to organize how I was doing this practice, things really started picking up for me. It’s probably my best life and business hack, and I’m excited to share how you can create a manifestation process of your own! 

Before we get started, what does it mean to manifest your very own version of a lavish life?

When I talk about manifesting I don’t mean the kind when you think really hard, or meditate until things just fall into your lap. I’m talking about understanding yourself and your desires deeply and becoming an open channel for achieving what you want both internally and in your actions. 

You have to take inspired action.
how to create your manifestation process

This brings me to the first step of my manifestation process: You have to get clear on what you want. 

This first step is crucial because you can’t manifest what you don’t know and understand. You have to know exactly what you want, why you want it, and how you’re going to make it happen. 

In my practice, I journal this out and write down everything in detail. I think about what it looks like, how it smells or tastes, how it feels physically, and the emotions I’ll experience internally.

I think about how this desire will affect my life, and what does it mean when that manifestation comes into my physical reality? How can I pinpoint when this manifestation comes into fruition? 

My second step is to stop and be still with it. 

This is more specific to my personality, because knowing myself, when I get excited about an idea I’ll jump straight down the rabbit hole of making it happen, and I’ll burn out on it. This is why, for me, it’s really important to sit, being calm with it, and try not to force something to happen. 

Then my third step is to actually release the desire to have it. 

I know, this seems a little odd after we just did all this work aligning with the desire, but it’s really important to release the outcome.

As Amanda Frances says, “It’s your job to figure out the what, and the why — it’s not your job to figure out the how”.

This is about getting into the right energy and mindset. It’s important to resist the urge to hold on so tightly.

You have to have an attitude of, “If it comes, that’s great, but even if it doesn’t, like over here having fun, enjoying myself.”

This is your way of letting the miracles in, and allowing things to happen that are beyond yourself and your current skill set or means. 

Once you release the “how”, the next step is to feel the emotions around the desire. 

How will you feel when that manifestation comes into your physical reality?

Ask yourself: 

How am I going to act? 

Who is the version of myself that has this manifestation in my life? 

Lastly, once I find the answers to these questions I start to embody this version of myself. 

I begin to feel the feelings of what it’s like to have this manifestation in my life, and I start to take those actions. 

When going through this process it’s really important to recognize when you’re taking action out of fear — the fear of your desire not happening. You want to be sure that when you’re taking inspired action it’s as if you know that your desires are already on their way to you. 

When it comes to creating your own manifestation process I want you to think about a time when you really wanted or needed something, or for a situation to turn out a certain way — and it happened. It was very easy, and you almost couldn’t put your finger on how or why it happened. 

That is what it feels like to manifest something. 

I can almost guarantee that you’ve had this experience at some point in your life, and I want you to think about how you felt when this happened. 

What were you thinking? How did you feel? Who were you around? What was your environment? What season of life were you in? 

For example, maybe when you were in high school you felt really confident about yourself or you knew things that were going to happen in your future and you felt good about them. This would have been a really easy place to manifest from because there’s a lot of predictability, and you had more freedom to think about yourself and what you wanted in life. 

If that was a place where you felt confidence, I want you to think about who you were at that time. Try to draw from this energy and this sense of self when developing your manifestation process. When starting out it can be helpful to draw from a feeling you’re familiar with. 

There you have it! My manifestation process, but I have to be honest, there’s a LOT more to talk about than this, which is why I created my Manifest Now bundle!

This is where I teach you how to confidently step into the version of yourself who gets exactly what you desire and decide to have

What’s Included…

How to Set Powerful Goals – These start the manifestation process with immediacy [Includes video & worksheet]

How to Manifest Faster – If you feel like your manifestation is slow to come, you’ll love these trainings and exercises [Includes video, supplemental audio, & worksheet]

Rewiring Your Subconscious – How to use sleep to manifest your dreams into reality [Includes video training]

How to Manifest Through Scripting – Write your way to rich, hot, and happy [Includes video & screenshots of scripting from my journal]

How to Manage Fear – This covers dealing with your emotions as your desired manifestation is on its way [Includes video and journaling prompts]

Listening to Your Inner Guidance – How to feel 100% supported no matter what anyone around you says or your current reality [Includes video, supplemental audio, & worksheet]

By the time you complete Manifest NOW, you will have the clarity you need to create the life you desire, and the confidence to stand in your power as a creator.

I believe that you can create your life… 

…but first, you have to decide, because your dreams deserve your decision and you deserve to achieve your dreams but only if you decide to do whatever it takes to get them.

Are you ready?

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