November 30, 2021

What if I told you that the one thing standing between you and your next 6-figure year is your mindset?

Overcoming a certain mindset is the first step to remove money blocks.

There are certain things you may think about yourself that subconsciously blocks your ability to earn and receive more money in life.

This post is about learning how to remove money blocks, which will allow you to increase the income coming into your business and life.

How I Removed My Own Money Blocks

Let me start this off by telling you about my first couple of “official” years in business.

In my first years, I had a transition period.

During the early time in this period, I was writing blog posts and performing freelance marketing work.

But, the year when I went truly full-time, between October of 2015 in 2016, I generated $65,000.

I was super excited and felt that I was on a roll to serve even more people in the next year.

So, I was expecting to have significant growth after this.

However, in the next year, I was disappointed to find that my business revenue only increase by $3000.. 

The business grew, but the overall revenue didn’t.

This is what I mean:

During that very first year, when I made $65,000, I brought in money from:

  • Coaching (majority of the revenue)
  • Freelance writing (but a little, tiny bit)
  • Brand deals

Coaching was only bringing in about 30% or 40% of the revenue that year.

But in the next year, between 2016 and 2017, I wanted to ramp up my coaching and courses to increase my income.

In the year ending 2017, my coaching services made up 60% to 70% of my revenue.

Yet, in 2017 I only made $68,000. 

Technically, I grew the coaching business significantly, but my overall revenue barely budged. 

I felt like my revenue was stuck at a ceiling and there was a money block I had to remove somewhere in my business. 

As a woman and business owner who believes in the power of manifestation and personal development, I got to work looking internally.

I started to ask myself:

  • What was blocking me and my money? 
  • What’s in my way? 
  • What can I put in place so I can take action to make things right? 

In 2018, I pretty much dedicated all my time researching specific mindsets and beliefs that I thought was blocking my revenue, income, and wealth.

The following is what I learned, which, since changing, increased my revenue and income every year since 2018.

6 Beliefs That May Be Blocking Your Money (and How to Remove Them)

1. You don’t trust yourself 

In those years, when my business wasn’t growing, I honestly didn’t trust myself.

I didn’t trust that I was going to follow through with certain things.

I didn’t feel safe to make more money because I believed once I made it, I would lose it.

This resulted in me subconsciously self-sabotaging myself in my business.

I knew I was comfortable making $65,000 and that I could handle it, so I was hindering myself from making excess money.

I believed if I earned more, it would just go away anyway. 

To heal myself from this belief I started an exercise in my journal where I began writing down the following affirmations:

You are safe”

“You are loved”

“You are cared for” 

The process of writing these affirmative statements helped me start trusting myself more, because I was drilling these concepts into my head every single day.

I made it a point to change my mindset that the more money I made, the better my life would get , and the better life got the more money I would make.

Let me ask you a question.

Are you not trusting yourself with something?

If so, think about why.

Try writing it out in a journal and see how you feel.

Then, let yourself know that you’re worthy of earning more and capable of trusting yourself.

And then journal it everyday.

Journal exactly why you can trust yourself and visualize how your life we be better because of it.

This is one of the fastest and most effective ways to clear money blocks personally and in your business.

Focusing on the positivity of what it means to trust yourself.

2. You fear failure

Perfection is the enemy of progress.

If you run your business expecting and insisting on perfection, you’re bound to:

  • Delay a product launch for far too long, or
  • Never release a product at all

I realized that my own perfectionist tendencies were costing me money.

I was so focused on the perfect delivery that I negated who I was actually here to serve.

I realized that my need for perfection was hurting the very people I was trying to help.

Ultimately, I realized that my content was about my clients, not my ego.

I also realized my fear of failure was preventing me from learning.

I was relying on my current skill set, thinking I was the best.

When, in reality, I needed to fail in order for me to learn from it and grow. 

If you struggle with being a perfectionist, let’s look at if from the analogy of an airplane.

When you get on an airplane, it’s essentially failing its way forward until it gets you to your final destination.

The pilot inputs a destination, and there’s a course plan.

However, the entire time, in between the departure and reaching its destination, consists of course veering and corrections.

It’s a continuous dance of failing and correcting until the destination is reached. 

Consider that you’re the pilot and the destination is your goal.

Without failing forward, it’s nearly impossible to get from Point A to Point B.

In the same sense, a pilot takes off knowing that there’s going to be “failure”, but they continue flying anyway (with a cabin full of people might I add).

There’s sheer confidence knowing they can just course correct, and with every failure, they still get closer to their goal.

In this industry, you can’t be afraid to fail because you’ll otherwise never start.

You can’t create perfection because you are already perfect within yourself.

You know the work you’re called here to do.

Your efforts are already good enough.

Remove your money block by embracing failing forward and just course correct along the way.

3. You Envy Others Who Sell More

Yes, one of the all-time greatest money blocks that most business owners face is a resistance to selling.

This happened to me too.

Back in the stagnant days, I was following a woman on social media.

Every single week she was posting, talking, and emailing about her next offer.

It felt like every time I came across her content it was, “Hey — buy this, buy this, buy this.”

As soon as she closed the doors for one offer, she would open her doors and sell the next!

I remember thinking, “Why is she just hammering her audience with offers? She doesn’t give people a chance to breathe!” 

Little did I know at the time, this was a direct reflection of my greatest money block.

I saw that greatness in her and I could see that greatness in me, but I was choosing to block myself from it.

I was jealous and envious because I knew she was living her truth and I was too scared to live in mine.

The exercise I did to release this block was to journal on these questions: 

  • Am I experiencing feelings of envy? 
  • Do I have any feelings of jealousy? 
  • Do I have any feelings of frustration?
  • What are the negative emotions I have, and who are they directed towards? 
  • What actions are people taking that’s causing me to feel that way? 

You have to be truly honest with yourself on these questions, especially if you’re struggling with selling — because without the willingness to sell your offer, you’ll never get out of the gate.

Instead of resenting other people who are selling well, remove this money block by taking notes on what you admire.

Then, translate that into how you can use the admiration in your own business. 

4. You Constantly Compare Yourself to Others

Since we’re on the topic of envy, this is another reason why you might have money blocks.

I lost a LOT of time comparing myself to other people online.

I spend a lot of time looking at what other people were doing, scrolling through Instagram and Facebook, and watching other people’s videos.

I would constantly say things to myself such as:

“Oh, I wish I could do that.”

“I wish I had done that.” 

“Why are they getting the attention I feel like I should be getting?” 

Comparison is the thief of joy, period. 

Nobody is on the same page in the same story.

You don’t know if you’re on chapter two and they happen to be in chapter seven.

Comparing myself to other people was just taking the wind out of my own sails.

So, I decided to ignore the comparisons and to take action instead.  

When I decided to take action, the needle started moving for me.

I shared offers that felt authentic and in alignment with my passions, and I stopped caring if somebody else had already released something similar.

Changing my mindset meant I decided people wanted to work with me because of my knowledge and capabilities, and because of the unique traits I had to offer. 

I understand changing the mindset to get away from comparisons doesn’t just happen overnight.

But, if you’re deep in the comparison hole like I was, there’s no shame in doing a little self-preservation.

You don’t have to subject yourself to the arena.

You’re allowed to unfollow, mute, or just stop paying attention to others.

Remove this money block by channeling your social media use.

Make it strictly action-based, such as using it to create and sell your own offers, instead of using it to observe others.

I now use social media mainly to share a quick post, to talk to my audience, and to share my offers.

The people I now follow are usually in separate niches than my own.

After some time, once your self-confidence heals and you feel more grounded in yourself and your work, you won’t feel so vulnerable.

For now, remove this money block ignoring others and by taking the action you need so you can get your content in front of the people eager to buy from you. 

5. You’re Not Truly Committed

Commitment comes in different forms.

For someone who’s working full-time and wants to start a business, commitment might come in the form of waking up an hour early.

Someone else’s commitment might come in the form of waking up two hours early.

Another person’s commitment might come in the form of not going out with friends and working all day on Saturdays. 

There are different levels of commitment, and once again, you can’t compare yourself.

You know when you’re slacking, and you know when you’re in full-gear.

You’ve got to figure out what that level of commitment is for you.

When I was experiencing my money block I fell back on this same principle.

In those beginning years, I was just trying to reach $3,000 per month because that’s what I needed to pay the bills — but I shouldn’t have made that my goal. 

There’s no need to set a goal that’s just enough. 

Get committed to a larger goal and to whatever you have to do to reach it.

You don’t want to set a goal that barely covers your expenses because you’re not the only person on this earth.

Personally, I want to be able to donate, give, and help other business owners.

Making more than my basic needs allows me to support anyone who might need it…along with doing a lot of fun stuff. 

I mean, you can’t fly in a private jet for $3,000 a month and I want to be able to fly in a private jet. 

Commitment comes in many different forms.

It can be in the form of how hard you work, the content you produce, or the hours you put in.

But, your mindset carries the weight.

You can do all of this, but if you still don’t believe in your worth, your growth and the money that is owed to you will remain blocked. 

6. You’re Asking the Wrong Questions

You’re only going to get answers to the questions you ask.

Instead of asking questions like this: 

  • Why am I not there yet?
  • What’s wrong with me? 
  • Why isn’t this working? 

Start asking: 

  • How can this work? 

Asking a question this way carries a lot of weight.

You’re presenting the question fully knowing that success is inevitable and you just want to know how to get there.

When you ask a question like this you’re also going to get an actual answer, as opposed to a reason to blame yourself and dwell.

Remove money blocks by trying these questions: 

  • Who do I need to work with to grow my audience? 
  • Who do I need to reach out to today?
  • What is the one email I need to send right now? 
  • What’s the phone call I need to make? 
  • What organizations should I join to network with more people?

The point is, you want to start asking the kind of questions that will bring you needle-moving answers.

Stop your existential crises and start taking serious action.

You are the ONE thing standing between your business and your next 6-figure year.

That’s why in my some of my courses and coaching programs, I focus on the power of mindset — because it matters!

In fact, in my most recent program, The Path to 6-Figures, I have an entire module dedicated to mindset and how to remove money blocks.

Then, my clients get to work building their coaching businesses from scratch. If this is something you think may interest you, be sure to check out my latest hybrid coaching program that also includes The Path to 6 Figures course.

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