September 3, 2021

You’re out there doing everything right to promote your coaching program. You’re running ads, doing podcast interviews, posting on social media, sending emails, all of the “practical things”. But let me tell you this, if your energetic house is not in order you could potentially be sabotaging your efforts and preventing yourself from taking needle-moving action. Today’s post is going to be more about the energetic side of launching. I’m teaching you about holding space for clients that are coming in.

If you’re doing everything right and things still aren’t quite working, there’s a reason. As business owners and people who are very action-oriented we can get caught up in the “shoulds” and “suppose to’s”. We try to use our own action to push along the process and force the results we want. While this can work for a time, it’s not sustainable. There are only so many “tricks” and “hacks” and if you find success it will likely be for the short term. The key is to get yourself right on the inside first.

You can do this by tapping into your intuition, listening to your body, and doing whatever you can to silence your ego and listen to what your heart and soul are truly trying to communicate to you. Allowing yourself and your desires to guide you through the next steps. Doing this work first will help you become the appropriate vessel to hold space for the clients once they find their way to you.

When it comes to holding space for the clients that are coming in there’s nothing that you need to do other than become an energetic match for them.

This doesn’t look like learning how to run a new Facebook ad, or figuring out YouTube, or sending another email. The first step is to get crystal clear on who this client is. Visually I want you to see this person in your mind’s eye have a conversation with them. Mentally walk through how they find you, what your interactions are like, and what it feels like when they say, “yes”.

Many clients might come in all different forms, and you don’t need to get too caught up in the technicalities. Just find one scenario that you can clearly picture and hold on to that feeling. What does it feel like to see their message in their inbox? How does it feel when you get on your first call together? What vocabulary do they use? What are they watching on Netflix right now? Where are they when they get on the call with you? Just try to picture as many details as possible and hold on to the feeling of what it will be like to have this person in your life.

Get super clear on who they are and then make the intention to hold space for them in your life.

The second step is to fully know that not every client is meant for you.

There are going to be some “no”s and that’s ok. Every “no” is getting you closer to that “yes”. You need to have a standard for your client. They need to check the boxes, they need to align with your mission, and they need to be just as much as the right fit for you as you are for them. Don’t depreciate your value by settling, discounting, or getting desperate. Hold out for the right person.

The third step is to speak life over them, even though you haven’t met them yet.

Interact with them energetically. Imagine what it would be like to talk to them, try to picture how your day would be structured with them in your life. It may feel odd, but it’s kind of like when a mom speaks to her baby in the womb. She can’t see or hear the baby yet but she knows they are there regardless. You need to think of your client the same way.
If it’s too weird for you to talk to yourself or you get lost in your own mind when you try to visualize, it helps to write it down in a journal. Write out a letter to your ideal client, speaking to her or him explaining how you guys met, about those first couple of interactions, how you knew that they were the right person for you.

Write down their characteristics, what you imagine they like and don’t like. Where they work, where they live, what brands they use, what they’re reading, who they’re following.

All of these things are powerful from an energetic sense and energetic standpoint.

Once you have that clarity your practical action steps will present themselves to you. Even if you already knew what your practical steps were, you’ll approach them with less fear, anxiety, and apprehension. Your delivery will be that much better because you’re much more rooted and confident in the client that’s already coming in.

On that note, the fourth step for holding space for the clients coming in is to be 100% CERTAIN that your client is on their way to you.

You have to hold the belief that your client is out there, they need you, they want to work with you, and they will find you. Having that concrete knowledge that your success is inevitable is the most powerful tool in your toolbox. When you can approach your practical steps with that level of certainty you emulate a very attractive wavelength. It shines through your work and makes people want to know where that certainty comes from. It makes people feel like you’re an expert and they want what you have to offer.

I challenge you to hold this energy and remain rooted in the belief of your success.

Even when it feels like it’s not working, the more you align yourself to your purpose and follow Divine Guidance the easier it is for the Universe, God, The Divine (however you see it) to set up the stage for you to receive. You need to actively, energetically create the space within yourself and make room for the clients who are making their way into your life and business.

Once you can do this, you’ll be able to become a match for not only more clients, but for the right type of clients and level of coaching you want to do.

That’s everything I have on holding space for clients that are coming in.

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