OK, so you just did all of the hard work of pitching to clients and putting your work out into the world. You just got your first client, but what do you do now? Welcoming a new client and having an onboarding process is extremely important for your brand. Today, I’m going to walk you through my personal LaTisha Styles strategy on how to welcome a new client. 

Here’s the thing, as a client, investing in a coaching package (especially a high-ticket one) is scary.

People aren’t often used to spending money on their personal development. Which is why we want this experience to be as easy, exciting, and comfortable for them as possible. You want them to feel like they made the right decision from the very second they sign up. In this post, I’m going to walk you through my process when welcoming a new client, give you my go-to resources, and some free downloads to make sure that happens. 

Before we get to that though, I want to explain why a consistent, thoughtful onboarding process is so important. It all comes down to positioning and branding yourself as a high-ticket coach. As a coach, you’re looking to sell your skills and knowledge to people. 

People who need to feel like they have a connection with you, and want to form a relationship. 

As the service provider, it’s your job to nurture this relationship. A client who feels disconnected, not cared about, and abandoned by a coach will never produce results. Resulting in them not experience the full amount of value that you’re trying to give.

You can provide all of the resources and knowledge in the world, but if you don’t have a relationship, you don’t have trust — resulting in a lack of motivation and implementation.

At this point, you might be thinking, “how do you build that relationship?” That’s what will bring us to our first step in welcoming a new client — which will happen during your discovery call. 

What is a Discovery Call? This is a mini session, a one-on-one conversation you have with a potential client before they’ve committed to your services. Some call it a “discovery call”, “mini-training session”, “strategy session”, or what I call it, a “clarity call”. I use this verbiage because I’m helping my future client get very clear on their next steps with me as their coach, and it’s a little more unique for my brand. To each their own, but whatever you label it as, this is essentially the interaction where you close your new coaching client and prepare them for the sessions ahead. 

For more information on how to close clients during your strategy calls check out this Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U98-lDe_JzQ

welcoming new clients

Welcoming a New Client Step 1: Define What Your Client Should Expect From You 

At this point of your strategy session, you have closed the client and they are super excited to work with you! You might be tempted to just say “thank you”, hang up the phone, and pop some bubbly to celebrate — but hold your horses because you have a couple more steps first. At this point, it’s extremely imperative to set up the expectations for the client and let them know what’s going to be happening next. 

  • Will they be getting a follow-up email? 
  • When should they expect a contract? 
  • What date and time is your next scheduled call? 
  • When do the coaching sessions start? 
  • Do you need any further information, like their address? 
  • What information do you need to start their first session on the right foot? 

Your client needs to be given all of this information up front, and they should never have to chase you down for follow-up information. You can never be too concise, clear, and detailed when defining the experience your client should expect from you. Once you send them all of that, THEN we can raise a glass! 

Welcoming a New Client Step 2: Capture Payment and Contract Signing 

Piggybacking off of step number one, we are going to get even more clear when you capture the payment and send over contracts. Your contract should have your terms, how much your coaching program costs, refund policies, disclaimers, and anything you need to set up clear expectations for your client-coaching agreement. This is also the time to send over all of your legal representation to protect yourself and your intellectual property. While this may seem like an obvious step, your client must get this information in an organized and timely fashion. 

They are investing their hard-earned money in your services, and you want to make them feel secure knowing that you have a professional protocol in place. 

*Note: For professional document signing software I use and prefer Signwell. I just upload my contract, and then I’m able to create little fill-in-the-blank areas for the client to sign, as well as, provide their address.

At this point, it might be helpful to take you through how I onboard a client during and after a clarity call or strategy session. In my process, I will have explained everything that they can look forward to, such as, their access to Voxer, how many phone calls they can expect, what we’re going to work on together, and when we’re going to conduct the kickoff call. 

*Kickoff Call: The way that I’ve structured my coaching programs is I do a “kickoff call” before we even start the actual coaching sessions. This session will have some coaching elements, but it’s mostly about discussing the client’s transformation goals. The clarity call is so full with explaining my services and onboarding, that I like this second tier to develop a customized plan for the client. 

Going back to the welcoming process, I won’t conduct the kickoff call until payment is obtained and the contract is signed.

The process for my business goes: 
  • Clarity Call 
    • Set up expectations for what is to follow 
  • Follow-up Email: Schedule kickoff call and allow them to connect with me on Voxer
    • I send this right when I hang up the phone from the clarity call 
    • I also prepare them for the contract coming their way via Signwell 
  • Signwell email with contract and payment
    • Sent separately, and I prepare my clients in my email to be looking out for this
    • Once Signwell is signed the client can schedule their kickoff call
  • Conduct kickoff call

Welcoming a New Client Step 3: Onboarding Gifts 

Ideally, I would like the kickoff call to be conducted before I do step three: sending specialty onboarding gifts. Yes, I’m talking about a physical gift that I send directly to my clients every single time someone books with me. This step is optional, but I have found that this is a great way to nurture the relationship and get things started on the right foot with your client. 

The first time I hired a coach myself, I invested a lot of money, and it was a major step for me at the time. I spent thousands and thousands of dollars and yet I didn’t get a “thank you” note, or a “hello”, or a “welcome”, or anything of the sort. It wasn’t like I was expecting it, but after paying and not getting anything, I felt that missing piece. Then the very next coach that I worked with, who I didn’t spend nearly as much with, sent me a notebook, a welcome letter, and some other items that just felt like a nice, personal touch. It made me feel like, “wow, like she appreciates my business, and she appreciates the fact that I chose her as my coach”. 

From there on out, I decided that I was going to send physical gifts to every single one of my clients and it has been a part of my welcoming process.

I won’t share exactly what goes into my boxes, as I want them to still be a special surprise for my clients, but I can share some ideas! 

First, you want to get some boxes that you can assemble, and fill with some tissue paper and/or paper crinkles. You kind of want it to feel like a subscription box. Then you want to add items that are personal to your coaching experience and brand. Maybe some items that are specific to your local area, some materials to help them with their coaching sessions, and even something that is customized for them and their goals. Try also utilizing and engaging your brand colors for that extra flair. The most important thing is that you put thought into each box. You want your client to feel that genuine effort and connection. 

There you have it! My three crucial steps for welcoming a new coaching client!

Now it’s time to put together your process and strategies that feel right for your brand and business. Just always remember that you’re positioning yourself as a high-ticket coach and service, and your branding should reflect that. Make your clients feel special and allow them to develop a connection with you that lasts long after your sessions together. 

 If you need help assembling your client welcome packet, download my coaching package template here! Inside you’ll get a fill-in-the-blank email templates and sales funnel checklist for onboarding your first clients!  

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