December 6, 2019

This is my story of how I sold my first high ticket coaching package. When I attended the FinCon expo I had a chance to chat with some old friends.These are people who have known me since I first started my personal finance blog back in 2010.One in particular was commenting on how I had shifted from personal finance into marketing and he was asking me how I got started.

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When I think back to how I even had the guts to sell my first high-ticket coaching package it seems like such a long time ago because now I sell coaching packages much higher than that with ease.I have 100% confidence in my ability to help every single client that I choose to work with, otherwise we don’t work together.My name is LaTisha Styles and over the past 8 years, I’ve used the internet to grow a successful business, personal brand, earn a full-time income, and help my coaching clients do the same. Using my strategies, clients are able to get results anywhere from booking their first coaching clients to generating $18,000 in 2 weeks, and even earning over $102,000 in 12 months with just one of over twelve “introvert-friendly” sales systems I’ve developed.On the surface, it might look like I did this almost overnight.But I started my coaching business with just 6 email subscribers.6!The turning point – when I started booking clients consistently and earning thousands in a month felt like it took forever, and I will tell you what made all the difference.

Let me take you back to when I first started my coaching business at the end of 2015…

  • I had no audience.
  • I had little experience (or so I thought).
  • I had no email list (unless you count those 6 people).
  • I had no clue.

But I started doing everything I could to book new clients.I had a hard time sleeping at night because all I could think about was how I was going to make money.When my husband asked, “How is business going?”I put on a brave face and responded with all of the good stuff. I was so scared to speak about the facts.

The fact that I had no idea where my first client was coming from.The fact that I had no one to reach out to for help.The fact that I was spending every dollar I had on ads.I was on the verge of giving up, but I knew that if I discovered the secret, I could be successful.I knew that I had a passion for helping others, but I just didn’t know how to translate that into a coaching program.And don’t even get me started on high-ticket coaching. I had no idea if I could even share enough that people would be willing to pay for it.Am I sharing enough?Am I sharing too much?

How can I make sure that clients actually get results?Is there a structure I should be following?What should I do??????These are all the questions I asked myself when I first started my coaching business.Then one day, I stumbled across the secret I had been missing all along.It was December 2015.

I finally booked 3 paying coaching clients

Just 2 months after starting my coaching business, I finally booked 3 paying coaching clients.When I got those first 3 clients, I made $2400 and I felt really accomplished.But I knew that if I kept charging $800 per client, I would wear myself out.Late at night, when the house was quiet and everyone else was asleep, I was awake scrolling my phone, looking for a solution to turn my baby coaching business into a full-time income.I kept seeing the stories of brand new coaches immediately having a five-figure launch or making six-figures in a year and I couldn’t figure out what they were doing differently than me. Why was everyone else earning five-figures (or more) per month online and I couldn’t seem to make it work?

I could book one on one clients here and there, but I was quickly burning myself out because I felt like I had to keep chasing new clients.And I knew that wasn’t a way to create a sustainable income.I felt like I was on the struggle bus – some days I felt like I was driving it – and every time I tried something new I just kept getting knocked back down. I bought course after course only to end up wasting money on solutions that never worked for me. I spent well over $20,000 on coaches and courses; investing almost all of my savings to make it work.I felt paralyzed to take more action because I couldn’t be sure I wasn’t just wasting more money. I tried it all…

  • …boosted posts to get discovery calls booked but all I did was waste more money on Facebook™ ads that provided no return
  • …hosted live stream after live stream which only drained my introvert energy and kept me chained to my desk
  • …gave away free calls hoping to turn those calls into clients but most of the calls ended with “I’ll get back to you.”
  • …posted in Facebook groups spending hours and hours “providing value” instead of doing what I really wanted to do, which was actually work with clients.

All of these tactics left me feeling used up, spent, and emotionally drained.It certainly was not a sustainable way to run a business.I was on the verge of just quitting and giving up.Then one day I stumbled across a formula that would allow me to book enough clients to replace the income from my full-time job.It was like I finally got a break. I knew this was exactly what I was searching for.Within 3 months I put my two weeks notice in at my day job. I had that chill that you get when you know you’re on the right track. It was like I saw the future. I knew it would work.And it did. My first full year of coaching I made $65,867.

I’m positive all that time the solution was right in front of my face, but I was just lucky to have discovered it when I did. Imagine having the ability to quit your full-time job because you are earning enough consistent income to replace the income from your day job.Or earning enough on the side to supplement your new lavish lifestyle.

Imagine being that coach who has the five-figure months or earns six-figures in a year.Imagine getting a full night’s sleep knowing that your bills are covered as coaching clients are making monthly payments.

how i sold my first high ticket coaching package

What if instead of booking 1:1 clients here and there, you could easily launch and fill a group coaching program as often as you want? Imagine what life would be like if you didn’t have to convince people to buy from you and they were already convinced you were the one they wanted to work with.Imagine being able to ignore the next course that comes along because you finally have confidence and a clear path to your five-figure months.

All of that came true for me.I first tested the formula on my own launch, booked several high-ticket group coaching clients, and made five-figures in a month for the very first time.

How did I actually do it and what was the formula that worked for me?

Continue for part 2… The simple formula I used to make 5 figures in a month

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Hi! I'm LaTisha Styles but if you want, you can call me Tish. I am a mentor for high achievers. I’m known for creating 6 and 7 figure earners, by helping clients identify and dissolve subconscious blocks preventing them from unlocking their full potential. My clients are known for using my strategies to generate 18K in two weeks, 10k in 10 days, and 95k in 12 months among other results. When I'm not working to help clients get amazing results, I'm working out preparing for my next fitness competition. Want to see the system that has helped clients create million-dollar coaching businesses? Watch my latest training and I'll show you how easy it is to get coaching clients online.

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