In December 2020, we brought in $45,000 in cash. It was the biggest month I’d had thus far, and I picked up some tips and tricks to relay back to you. Today I’m teaching you how to have a high sales month. 

How to Have a High Sales Month

Before we get into it, I want you to keep in mind that a high sales month is relative to each person and business. To some their high sales month might look like $2500, and others might look like $250,000. In this case, I want you to think about what a high sales month would look like for you. Pick a number, and envision it for the duration of this conversation. 

My first bit of advice on how to have a high sales month is to do what aligns with what you want to create and who you are. 

Speaking for myself, I never wanted to create a business that was only sustained by high ticket sales. I didn’t want to have to be on the phone or create anything in particular. I wasn’t trying to create a job for myself. The goal was to create a business that has freedom and flow — where I’m teaching all the time. 

Teaching, as opposed to only coaching. 

Meaning that I wanted to take my knowledge, distill it down into a course or program, and offer it as passive income. While I love coaching as much as I do, the dream was freedom with an income. This being the vision, I built my business around passive income streams utilizing my knowledge and strategies. 

In 2020, around 60 or 70% of the revenue came from courses and not from coaching. We did a quarter of a million in 2020. 

I want this to show you that high sales don’t have to rely on a high ticket offer. All I did was dig into my zone of genius and where I shine. I feel like a lot of people miss that, so many people don’t realize that they have everything they need to reach that high figure sales month. It’s just a matter of going after it. 

You technically have everything you already need from an energetic standpoint.

There might be some knowledge that you just don’t know yet and you can always learn as you go. The problem is that most people are too afraid to be themselves. They’re too afraid to bring forth everything that they have to give and just shine. Whether that’s being silly, or funny, or serious, or sarcastic. When you lean into your true zone of genius it will show through your work. Your marketing will become naturally targeted, and you’ll attract the right clients for you — because when you show up as yourself people become attracted to you and what you have to say. 

To piggyback off of that point, my second word of advice to have a high sales month is to consider creating a high-ticket offer. 

Note that this isn’t the ONLY way, but if you’re working with a lower following or you don’t have as much content made yet, it can be helpful to have an offer that’s going to generate higher income. 

This alleviates some stress on making a bunch of sales, and it helps you start getting into the energy and the mindset of receiving higher amounts of money for your work. 

Another tip on how to have a high sales month is to release, release, release, release. Let go, let go, let go, let go. 

Release delegate, outsource, delegate, outsource. The first time I hit a big sales month of $27,000 I had just hired an assistant. The month we did $45,000, I had a salesperson, an assistant, and a copywriter. Now I’m actually in the process of bringing on a client services rep. Whatever your goal is, you’re not going to get there alone. I’m not saying that you need to hire a team of five people, but I would recommend that you at least have an assistant.

The reason that I say this is because I already know there are a lot of things that you probably shouldn’t be doing in your business.

For example, something I realized that I shouldn’t be doing was that I kept uploading my content into the course area. I would make it all nice and perfect and ready to go. This was taking me so much time and it was keeping me from doing the work that only I can do — like record videos and create the courses. 

When I decided to delegate this task I found that Thinkific (partner link) makes it very easy because I can just choose a file from Google Drive and it’ll transfer right into Thinkific. All I had to do was record, put it on Google Drive and then my assistant would be able to sync it over. 

Once I realized that I had the power to delegate, I took an entire month off. 

I took the entire month of July off from my “business standpoint”. I had a bikini competition coming up so I needed to focus. Not to mention — I was hungry, I was hangry, I was depleted — I was everything, but dehydrated. I desperately needed a break, so I pre-scheduled a bunch of content and had my assistant do any manual work that needed to be done. 

Taking that time off allowed me to see and realize that there’s a lot that can run without me. 

It came to my realization that I want to be the star in my business, not the one-woman show. I want to show up, do what’s in my zone of genius, and allow myself to rest and live my life in the meantime. Now I’ve got my video editor, my copywriter/assistant, as well as a salesperson on my team. 

Then my last piece of advice for how to have a high sales month is to market your services strategically and effectively.

Many coaches aren’t in the realm of marketing and that’s not their genius zone, so I find that most are posting on social media and hoping that sticks. That’s the equivalent of you standing up in a crowded room waving a flyer. You’re not having conversations with anybody and not making a connection. If you want to create clientele and truly attract the high-quality clients that love to pay you, then you’re going to have to start doing more than wave a digital flyer. 

This is what we do for you within The Path to 6 Figures, we’re essentially your marketing partner.

You know what people are interested in, you know, the message that you have to share — but you just don’t know how to put it together from a marketing standpoint. We work together to put those marketing pieces in place. If you want to know more about this program check out the details here, The Path to 6-Figures! 

Those are my tips for how to have a high sales month, and have everything you need to raise your rates, reposition your marketing, and gain confidence. 

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