Looking for the best Black Friday Deals for coaches? Here is my 2023 list for you. As a coach, you need software to run your business, marketing tools, and courses to help you make money online. If there is a marketing software or tool you've been wanting but haven't pulled the trigger on yet, Black Friday is the best time to do it. The deals below will help you create an online course, run Facebook ads, and manage your coaching business.

Black Friday Deals on Marketing Tools

SocialBee Black Friday Deal

This is the platform you need when it's time to repurpose your content. Create once then schedule in SocialBee once. Each time you do, you add to your ever growing library of content. Create a simple posting schedule once, then the app will pull from your library of content over and over again.

And yes, this includes posting on TikTok, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and even your Google Business profile.

  • 3 months at 70% off on all monthly plans
  • Would you rather outsource your social media completely? Get started with their Concierge Services with 20% off for 3 months.

Total Value: $297

Price: $89

Partner Link: https://links.youvegotclients.com/socialbeeBF Special Code: SOCIALBEEBF23

ConvertKit Black Friday Deal

This Fall, ConvertKit is launching their biggest deal of the year! This is perfect for anyone who wants to take control of their creator journey and level up their marketing.

ConvertKit is my go-to email marketing platform and they make it super easy to start your email list, create a paid newsletter, or even set up a simple landing page. Here's what you're getting.

  • 12 months of ConvertKit's Creator plan for 30% off

With this special offer and their Creator Plan, you can accelerate your email subscriber growth and generate new income.

Total Value: $290

Price: $203

Partner Link: https://links.youvegotclients.com/convertkitblackfriday Special Code: No code needed

AppSumo Black Friday Deal

Tired of paying monthly subscription fees for your software tools? Then you need AppSumo. Each day they have a new deal on software you can use to run your small business. Just pay attention to the taco ratings and take a chance on a tool you might not have seen promoted anywhere else before.

You'll get lifetime access and usually for less than $100!

P.S. If you see any of these on sale, don't walk! ...run and get a copy! Sessions, Restream, Signwell, WiserNotify, HappyScribe, or Switchy (which I used to create all of these partner links!).

Partner Link: https://links.youvegotclients.com/appsumo Special Code: No code needed

Deadline Funnel Black Friday Deal (2022)

As someone who signed up for Deadline Funnel on Black Friday (and immediately saw a return on my investment) I can tell you right now, if you don't have this software, you are missing out.

Deadline Funnel has been a part of my tech stack for 3+ years now and for good reason. With it, I can create authentic urgency for my evergreen sales funnels. And this year, they are offering their best deal of the year.

With just that bonus training on paying for your ad spend, this could possibly be the best investment you'll make this year. 

Total Value: $2,345

Price: $790

Partner Link: https://links.youvegotclients.com/deadlineBF Special Code: No code needed

Thinkific Black Friday Deal (2022)

They are giving away a free gift when you take advantage of their Black Friday deal.

This is my go-to platform where I host all of my online courses. You’re going to get everything you need to launch your online education business this year. Here’s what you’ll get when you take advantage of this deal:

  • 3 months of Thinkific’s Start plan
  • 8 weeks days of live expert training through the Course Builder Academy
  • They also have an early bird bonus workshop for anyone who claims the offer before midnight on Black Friday: Creating Your First Video Course with Latasha James.

Total Value: $3,000+

Price: $198

Partner Link: https://links.youvegotclients.com/thinkific Special Code: No code needed

Black Friday Deals on Courses for Coaches

The Content Creators Black Friday Deal

This is a brand new super stack that I'm excited to be a part of! It's only available for Black Friday and you don't want to miss it.

This Black Friday bundle is loaded with premium books, courses, workshops and masterclasses to help move you to the next step in your content creation journey, whether you’re just starting out or ready to scale your business. And best of all, it's just a one time payment of $49. 🤯

Partner Link: https://links.youvegotclients.com/contentstack Special Code: No code needed

Coach to Profit 4.0 Black Friday Deal

It's time to take your coaching, consulting, or training business to the next level with this hand-vetted collection of tools, training, and resources designed to help you get major publicity, become instantly referable, close clients on autopilot, and book yourself solid (even if you're starting from scratch).  

This collection includes some software deals that are giving months of access for free when you buy this deal. And best of all, it's just a one time payment. 🤯

Partner Link: https://links.youvegotclients.com/coachtoprofit Special Code: No code needed

Flourish with Facebook Ads Black Friday Deal

Monica Louie is a pro when it comes to Facebook Ads. (Fun fact, the idea for this Black Friday roundup post came from her.) The Flourish with Facebook Ads course is great if you’re looking for traffic, subscribers, and even better, sales! I’ve been using Facebook Ads since I started my business, and it’s largely responsible for my full-time income.

Use the code LATISHA100 to get $100 off the program and start growing your business now.

Partner Link: https://links.youvegotclients.com/flourish Special Code: LATISHA100

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