Her First Five-Figure Month…then a Six-Figure Month

Have you ever spent money on a coaching program or course that didn't work out for you?

It does happen, and it's especially painful when there are hundreds and even thousands of dollars involved.

That was the situation that my client, Karwanna D. - Business Coach, was experiencing, and it was frustrating to say the least.

She felt like the content she's invested in before was unorganized, chaotic, not specific to her niche and goals, and none of it was easy to directly implement into her life and business.

... that was until she found the You've Got Clients® team.

Here's what Karwanna had to say:

"I believe in investing in myself so I can grow. I've spent thousands of dollars on big ticket coaching programs and the information was unorganized. I said to myself, "I know I have something great to offer, but I just need a simple step by step strategy and a plan.

It was the greatest joy to get to work with Karwanna and watch her business grow. It is possible for coaches to make 6-figures in this industry, sometimes it just takes finding the right guidance. Since our first chat Karwanna has generated $150,000 in 6 days using this system.

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Meet Your Coach - LaTisha Styles

LaTisha Styles is a mentor for high achievers. She's known for creating 6 and 7 figure earners, helping clients identify and dissolve subconscious blocks preventing them from unlocking their full potential.

She does this through transformational luxury retreats hosted in places like San Juan, Puerto Rico and Playa Del Carmen, Mexico; one-on-one coaching sessions, intimate group masterminds, and through on-demand courses & workshops.

Using her strategies, clients achieve results anywhere from booking their first clients, to generating $18,000 in 2 weeks, $15,500 in a month, $10,000 in 10 days, and even earning over a million dollars in 12 months with the “introvert-friendly” sales systems she has developed.

She has been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Fast Company, and on tv as a contributor to her local CBS affiliate.