How do I   grow a successful coaching business?

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To the transformational coach,

My name is LaTisha Styles and over the past 8 years, I've grown a successful business, earned a full-time income while doing it, and helped my coaching clients do the same.

Using my strategies, clients are able to get results anywhere from booking their first coaching clients to earning over $102,000, and even leaving jobs that they can't stand.

From the outside looking in, it might appear that I did this almost overnight.

But I started my coaching business with just 6 email subscribers.


The turning point – when I started booking clients consistently and earning thousands in a month felt like it took forever, and I will tell you what made all the difference.

Let me take you back to when I first started my coaching business...

  • I had no audience.

  • I had little experience (or so I thought).

  • I had no email list (unless you count those 6 people).

  • I had no clue.

But I started doing everything I could to book new clients.

I had a hard time sleeping at night because all I could think about was how I was going to make money.

When my husband asked, "How is business going?"

I put on a brave face and responded with all of the good stuff. I was so scared to speak about the facts.

The fact that I had no idea where my next client was coming from.

The fact that I had no one to reach out to for help.

The fact that I was spending every dollar I had on ads.

I was on the verge of giving up, but I knew that if I discovered the secret, I could be successful.

I knew that I had a passion for helping others, but I just didn't know how to translate that into a coaching program.

And don't even get me started on high-ticket coaching. 

I had no idea if I could even share enough that people would be willing to pay for it.

Am I sharing enough?
Am I sharing too much?

How can I make sure that clients actually get results?

Is there a structure I should be following?

What should I do??????

These are all the questions I asked myself when I first started my coaching business.

Then one day, I stumbled across the secret I had been missing all along.

Just 2 months after starting my coaching business, I finally booked 3 paying coaching clients.

When I got those first 3 clients, I made $2400 and I felt really accomplished.

But I knew that if I kept charging $800 per client, I would wear myself out.

So I made a decision to get help.

I worked on my mindset, created my first signature coaching program, and started speaking to higher quality clients.

In just 3 months I hit my first $5k month!

It wasn't long after that I had my first five-figure month.

By the end of that year I had made $65,000 in my coaching business.

And it all came as a result of finally learning the secret to a successful coaching business...

Creating a Signature coaching Program at the right price And Filling it with the right high-quality clients.

  • Imagine knowing exactly what to include in your signature coaching program.
  • Imagine having clients who want to start immediately when they hear about your program.
  • What if instead of giving away everything for free you were able to charge what you're worth?
  • Imagine what your coaching business would be like if you knew exactly what to charge and most importantly where to find the people willing to pay your rate.

What if you Could finally get clarity on How to market and have confidence that you can make the sale?

You'd probably feel like Derthalie...

derthalie joseph


When I saw Create & Fill I knew I had to join. I got a lot of clarity for where I want my business to go in the future.  I learned how to raise my prices. I also created a new coaching offer during the program and booked a new client! 

Derthalie Joseph Wellness Coach

Or what if you were able to get a deposit for your coaching while 30,000 feet in the air on a trip to your dream destination?

What if you were able to get a waiting list of 80 people once you finally gain clarity on what to offer?

You'd probably feel like Samone...

Creating a coaching program and filling it with high-quality clients is simpler than you can imagine.

Derthalie and Samone both had doubts. But they also knew that if they allowed their doubts to win, they never would have gotten premium coaching clients.

They each had something to share, and were passionate about serving their clients.

So they got out of their own way.

If you're ready to take the powerful step forward and finally book high quality  clients, I would love to invite you in to...

create and fill graphic

Create & Fill

Your Coaching Program

A step-by-step course with everything you need to create and sell your signature coaching program.

In Create & Fill, I share exactly how to structure your signature coaching program, what content to include, how to get clear on your ideal client, and how to meet them right where they are, so you can attract them with your message.

By the time you complete Create & Fill, you'll know how to price your coaching program, how to pitch  to high-quality clients, where to find actual buyers (yes they hang out in specific groups), and what to include in your program.

Here's What else You're Getting, so you can begin booking high-quality clients right away...

Module 1 - The Energy of a Fully Booked Coach

  • How to position yourself as a high-value coach so you can naturally attract clients.
  • How you might be repelling clients. Plus one simple step you can take to start attracting clients today.
  • Why you can’t afford to make less than six-figures as a full-time coach. I’ll show you how to use this formula to break down your six-figure goal into as little as a 3 calls per week.
  • The absolute best way to get clients who respect the value you bring. When you use these strategies, you’ll believe in your value, and clients will as well.

By the time you complete Module 1, you will have the confidence and motivation you need to start attracting clients who are right for you.

Module 2 - Branding & Audience Growth

  • The most important part of your personal story to share so prospective clients are drawn to your personality and become even more eager to work with you.
  • How to create a clear value statement so clients know exactly why they should work with you over the competition.
  • How to set up your client gaining funnel so each step prepares the client, builds their desire, and overcomes their doubts before they even get on the phone with you.
  • The secret to a lead magnet that attracts buyers and not just freebie seekers. One client started getting “ready-to-go” buyers with this one change.
  • How often you should email your list and exactly what to say to get engagement, responses, and sales.
  • How “influencers” really get clients using Facebook and Instagram, and how to do it without being “on” 24/7 or instagramming your lunch before you even take a bite. Once you know this the “algorithm” won’t even matter.

By the time you complete Module 2, you will have clarity on your unique selling proposition so you can confidently stand apart from the crowd and put yourself out there. You will have an online presence that reflects your brand and gives clients the confidence they need to book with you.

Module 3 - Creating a Solid Coaching Program

  • How to determine what your ideal client actually wants to be coached on. I’ll also show you how to reverse-engineer your topic so you’ll never be stumped on what to choose even if you decide to change your topic in the future.
  • The little-known tool that tells you exactly what your ideal client wants in a coaching program, and how to get access to 100,000 uses for only $10. You’ll never run out of ideas or ways to speak about your topic to your ideal client when you use this tool.
  • How to structure your coaching program to support your clients to the fullest and still live your best life. Hint: You don’t have to spend all day on the phone to help clients get great results.
  • How much content to include in your signature coaching program so clients feel like they are getting their money’s worth.
  • Why naming your coaching program increases the perceived value and the 3 step formula to choosing a catchy name that sells.
  • How to choose pricing so you don’t undervalue yourself PLUS how to price so clients will happily pay
  • NEW! See sample coaching offers with pricing. If you get stuck or you just want to see an example, you’ll love this 43 minute breakdown of coaching offers and pricing

By the time you complete Module 3, you’ll know exactly what you are offering, the specific words to describe it, and exactly how to price it so clients are excited to pay.

Module 4 - Enrolling Clients In Your Coaching Program

  • How to get crystal clear on your ideal client. Use the included worksheet to narrow down your ideal client with just a few questions.
  • The often overlooked spot where potential clients ALWAYS hang out. This is a gold mine once you know how to use it.
  • How to avoid rescue clients. You can’t save everyone, and even though you might want to, these strategies will give you the tools you need to say no without feeling like you gave up on them.
  • How to help clients get results. Even the best clients don’t always follow the program. I’ll show you how to keep clients on track so they become your best testimonial yet.
  • This module also includes tech help so you can set up your call booking system and client intake form. I’ll even show you behind the scenes of my coaching business.
      • My Client On-Boarding Workflow

      • My Pre-Client Application Walkthrough

      • My Post-Feedback Survey for Clients

By the time you complete Module 4, you’ll have 100% clarity into your ideal client, you’ll know exactly where to find them, what to say to enroll them, and how to avoid rescue clients. You’ll have the technology completely set up so you can easily schedule discovery calls with a client application, and you’ll have the exact steps to on-board each client with ease and grace.

Module 5 - Launching

  • The fastest way to launch your coaching program including exactly what to do even when you’re scared to start.
  • 2 simple steps to get coaching clients today. This is the fastest way to get coaching clients without wasting time.
  • The two little words that got 8 out of 10 people interested and $9,500 in sales. Use this as often as you’d like when nothing else works.
  • The FREE.99 strategy that allowed one of my clients to go from zero leads to being fully booked. Not only did this strategy cost him nothing to implement, but he banked $2,000 for just 15 minutes of work.
  • How to use Facebook and Instagram ads to launch your coaching program. Avoid wasting money when you use this simple guide to find the right clients.
  • 12 methods you probably haven’t tried yet to get coaching clients. These methods are listed and scored based on level of difficulty and ease of implementation so you can choose what works best for you.

By the time you complete module 5, you’ll be prepared to launch your coaching program all while building a buzz and getting the attention you need to get coaching clients fast. You’ll even have the strategy for ads in case you want to start with a flood of new potential clients.

Module 6 - Sales Strategies to Fill Your Coaching Program

  • The one mistake that 90% of new biz owners make on a sales call. And how fixing just this one tiny thing leads to huge changes where they’ll almost beg to buy from you instead of the other way around. (That means no more feeling desperate, hopeless, or meek on any sales calls. Just 100% confident and in charge)
  • The two question sales secret that can turn any prospective client into a booked client within the first 5 minutes of the call.
  • How to get a client today – the client outreach script that works every time and the 3 different types of people to use it on.
  • The real reason why your clients “ghost” even after they initially said yes and the secret to overcoming that so they pay you immediately (even right over the phone).
  • BONUS - Have clients who never seem to have the income to afford your services? In this 53 minute bonus training on Helping Clients Get Resourceful, I’ll share 9 different places to help them find the money. You’ll even learn how to do this from the most helpful position so it doesn’t feel sleazy or sales-y at all.

By the time you complete Module 6, you’ll feel like a sales superstar, confident enough to make the sale and you’ll have the tools and scripts you need so you never stumble over your words again.

You'll also get these coaching business in a box Downloads...

Download #1 - Successful Sales Call Script
Download #2 - My One-on-One Coaching Contract
Download #3 - Client Welcome Email Template
Download #4 - Client Coaching Goals Worksheet

Create and Fill Product Mockup

Ready to finally launch your coaching program?

Client Wins

I'm so excited to share this with you...

As someone who literally built a coaching business from scratch...

...with no network
...with little experience (or so I thought)
...with no email list
...and no clue

I'm here to tell you that it's 100% possible to create a signature coaching program that gets results for your clients, and creates a sustainable income for you.

I spent months and months figuring all of this out. I failed over and over again, but I kept getting back up.

The Create & Fill Your Coaching Program course is a brain dump of everything I've learned over the past few years.

Now you get to skip all the hard stuff and just do what works.

I'm going to share everything you need to start selling your signature coaching program.

As always, I make sure you have everything you need to succeed.

That's why I'm sharing:

  • worksheets
  • checklists
  • launch guides
  • click-by-click tech walkthroughs
  • my personal sales scripts and,
  • video trainings.

You'll also get:

  • an additional training on How to Overcome Objections and,
  • the actual coaching contract I use for one-on-one clients.

But I won't stop there. Because my goal for you is that you become confident selling at every level, even when selling coaching packages priced at $10,000 or more.

That's why you're getting an exclusive training on Booking 5-Figure Coaching Clients which will help you continue to upgrade your marketing as you begin selling higher-ticket coaching packages.

**Exclusive Bonus**

Inside this training I walk you through the mind of a high-ticket buyer, how to position yourself as a high-ticket coach, how to price your high-ticket offer, and how to close sales of high-ticket packages.

Just because you start at one price, doesn't mean you have to stay there.

I'm living proof.

I started selling my one on one coaching at $800 for 8 weeks. And now the investment for my coaching programs range from $3,000 to $36,000 and up. Clients invest in retreats, one on one coaching, group coaching, and high-level courses.

But more important to me is the clients that I've been able to help. They've been able to get results like booking their first clients, shifting mindsets, and generating six-figures in less than a year.

Join us and start reaching your full potential.

It's time to finally create and fill your coaching program.

More Client Wins

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