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These are the resources & marketing tools I use to power my business day to day. I am a tech nerd and I enjoy trying out new tools to see if that tool can compete with what I currently use. Once I find something good, I'll share it on this page.

I've included links of which some may be affiliate links. An affiliate link is one that provides a small commission if you choose to purchase the tool. This comes at no additional cost to you over the normal pricing of that tool.

What can I say about ThriveCart? It's AH-mazing. I use this shopping cart software to sell my digital products, courses, and even manage my monthly recurring revenue from group coaching programs. I like the ability to offer flash sales, limited stock on digital items, and quickly create a cart page that accepts Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, can handle international clients AND sends an invoice with each purchase. They also integrate with ConvertKit so I can tag purchasers and create special follow up sequences. 

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Not to be confused with the software above, ThriveThemes and the Thrive Architect page builder handles my landing pages, allows me to quickly design beautiful blog pages (including this one), and gives me the ability to host everything on my own WordPress site. I was able to design the entire You've Got Clients website using Thrive Architect in a weekend. The ThriveThemes membership also comes with a popup builder so you can grow your email list (which also integrates with ConvertKit), it has a course builder if you want to offer free courses, a software to handle split tests and more. It's becoming one of my favorite tools to work in. 

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SocialBee is a social media sharing platform that is very easy to use. Not only can you create content directly within the platform, but you can schedule it out AND set it up to resend content as well. That means that you don't have to keep feeding the social media beast, so to speak. I like it because I can integrate multiple platforms including Pinterest, Linkedin, Facebook, and Instagram, and even TikTok! It integrates with Canva so you can design your graphics and post immediately. And for the power users it even gives you the ability to track local marketing efforts with Google my Business analytics.

Much more than just a social media posting platform, they also have a concierge service so you can hire out your content creation for short form and long form content.

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I use Restream to host my weekly live streams and even share pre-recorded sessions to YouTube, Facebook, or Linkedin. With one button, I can stream to multiple locations. I like the fact that I can include my own branding, graphics, and even upload an intro video or moving lower third banner. The quality is excellent since I can stream at 1080p resolution. It also integrates directly with Instagram, Twitter, and any streaming service that uses RTMP. But more importantly, it's perfect for non-techie live streamers who want to press one button and go live in multiple locations.

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I really like the learning management system that Thinkific provides. Not only do they allow your students to check off assignments once completed, but they also give you the ability to track the progress of your students. It’s mobile friendly and students can save their place without having to start over every time they login. Because it is highly focused on a teacher/student like environment, it also provides discussion areas and additional support for students and course creators. They also integrate with ClickFunnels and Convertkit.

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ConvertKit is my preferred email service provider. Not only do they have fantastic deliverability, but they also offer fantastic support. The reason that I initially signed up with ConvertKit is the tagging feature. Instead of allowing you to create different lists, you can simply tag each subscriber as they come in. Then you can group the tags and email only the specific subscribers you choose. This is a huge help when you are creating different lead magnets and you want to only speak to the people who signed up for a specific lead magnet. They also allow you to create simple landing pages so you can quickly deliver your lead magnets. You can also embed your form in a blog post or just send the link so new subscribers can sign up that way.

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I've been using Frase for a few months now and it's one of my new favorite tools! Not only does it help me figure out content ideas, I can also use it to optimize existing content. I've been using it to create SEO friendly content for my blog, but I have also used it to script out YouTube videos.

Sometimes I'll use a teleprompter and having a script makes batch recording videos that much easier. I've also been playing around with the A.I. writer lately and its pretty cool to see it write paragraphs just based on a few word prompts. If you are creating videos or blog posts, this tool alone will save you hours.

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I was recently introduced to MixMax and I immediately fell in love. This is a plugin that you can use with your Gmail to send templated emails, automated follow up sequences, and create personal calendar meetings (it even will automatically add a Zoom link!). I've mostly been using it for post event follow ups. I have a specific template that I can quickly customize for each person. I can also schedule the email to send at the time they are most likely to open.
It allows me to see when my email was opened and how many times. (This only works if the recipient is using HTML email.) My other top feature is the scheduling feature. I can quickly share times from my personal calendar to set a meeting. When scheduling with clients I still like to use Acuity Scheduling, but for personal meetings, MixMax provides a quick note and a button so they can choose a time.
There are additional features that I am still setting up like the follow up sequences and meeting templates. Overall I see many applications for this tool, especially when it comes to creating email funnels.

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I use ClickUp on a daily basis to keep track of my to-do list, work coming in from my team, and manage larger projects. ClickUp is a project management tool that makes running a small business that much easier. Because my team is located all over the world, we use ClickUp to communicate and stay on task. I like the fact that I can set recurring tasks, sync tasks with my Google Calendar, and manage it all from my phone or my iPad with the app. I've tried other project management softwares but this one is my favorite so far. I also set “CEO” projects that are private to me.

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If you are a group owner then you know how much time and effort goes into keeping a Facebook group engaged. In the past, the only way to monetize your Facebook group was to directly pitch your product in the group. But now, you can ask 3 questions when someone enters the group. One of those questions should be "Drop you email if you'd like my free guide XYZ." Now, you can focus on keeping the group engaged and free from pitches because each new member can go through your already existing sales funnel. I've been a Group Funnels user since the very first day it launched, and I love using it to automatically transfer those emails I request via my Facebook group entry questions over to my CRM. In the past I would manually copy and paste those emails. Now approving new members is as easy as clicking approve all. Group Funnels transfers the answers to a spreadsheet for me in one click.

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Everyday I check my calendar to see what client calls I have scheduled, if I have interviews scheduled, or if I have travel coming up. I use Acuity so clients can automatically find the best time that works for them and me. It’s automatically synced with my Google Calendar so if I choose to block off time, go out of town, or if I have another appointment scheduled, Acuity makes sure I don’t get double booked. I started with the free plan but as my business started to grow, I needed more than one calendar so I could set different availability for coaching calls versus podcast interviews versus discovery calls. I currently use the Growing Business plan.

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Canva is my go to for quick and easy graphics and beautifully designed PDFs. I use it for creating social media graphics. However, I also use Canva to create worksheets for my on-demand courses. Most recently, I used it to design my branded spokesperson kit as well as my media kit. I have two team members who have access to my workspace and they are able to make edits and share designs with me.

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All of my business email, my business calendar, and shared folders run through G-Suite. I use Google Drive to share files with my team as well as store downloads for courses. When my video editor completes a first draft, he stores the file in Google Drive and I can easily watch, download, and save. Even though I have professional email addresses with my business URL at the end, I still filter them through my Gmail inbox so I don’t have to worry about logging in to 3 different email clients. Each day I’m checking my business calendar to make sure I don’t miss an appointment.

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My high-ticket coaching clients all get customized client agreements that require my signature and their signature. Instead of sending a simple PDF or worse, mailing a contract, I send digital contracts via HelloSign. When I book many one on one clients and each person needs a customized contract I use the Pro plan. With HelloSign I can see when a client viewed the contract and I can easily download the final PDF from the confirmation email or when logging in.

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I store all of my passwords in the LastPass vault. LastPass is an encryption software that will fill in passwords automatically for the websites that you visit as long as you have the browser extension installed. They do not store your master password, nor can they reset it; so if you lose it, you’ll lose access to your account. I really like the security check they offer so you can see how strong your passwords are. They will also generate secure passwords for you that fit the requirements of whatever that particular website needs. I pay for the upgraded version so I can use the app on my iPhone and iPad.

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I use Zoom for client calls, video chats, and when I am working with potential clients who are overseas. Zoom is a meeting room software that you can also use to deliver live trainings. We use this for weekly group coaching calls as well. I really like Zoom because I can choose to record my meetings automatically either to my computer or in the cloud. Then I get a notification once the recording is done. For my client calls, I simply send a link so the client can view their call, or I can download the file and save it into the client’s folder on Google Drive.

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I build most of my websites using WordPress and the Genesis framework. The Genesis framework is an SEO friendly, fast loading framework for WordPress. The framework eliminates the need for many plugins because the most commonly used plugins are already built into the framework. I typically purchase my Genesis based themes from Restored 316. I really like the feminine look of these themes. I have several themes and I am able to customize the colors and look of each one.

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(Get the Genesis Framework here:

Currently testing:

WiserNotify, Switchy

Many of these software tools I test out after getting a lifetime license through an AppSumo deal.


I always had questions about camera equipment and sometimes it’s tough to find a straight answer. Here’s why. There are sooooo many tools that will do the job that you need. Here’s what I use:


Lapel Mic -
iPhone Lapel Mic -
Wireless Mic -



Are there any other resources that I missed or that I should check out?