The Introvert's Dilemma...
Do you find it mentally and physically taxing to continuously attend networking events to find clients?

It's especially frustrating when your efforts lead to zero or very few client prospects, right?
Here's The problem with "putting yourself out there"
Many of my clients are natural introverts. 

I am as well. I gain energy from alone time, reflection, and I process my thoughts quietly. 

I tend to avoid networking events because, to be honest, they’re just mentally draining.

You know when you walk into a room and you feel like you have to make small talk with people who might not even remember your name in 20 minutes?

When I started my business, I knew that would be a weakness.

How was I supposed to book clients if I didn’t PUT MYSELF OUT THERE and get some? 
Sound familiar?
I always saw extroverts succeeding in business. They attend all of the meetings, they shake all of the hands, they are networking superstars and they’re not afraid to make the sale.

They are naturally poised for success; doesn’t it seem that way?

But if you’re like me, then you’re one of the most determined introverts out there. I am convinced that I can turn any weakness into a strength if I look at it the right way.

And I found that as an introvert, I was really good at finding hands-off repeatable systems to market my business online. 

I started gaining clients just by sitting behind my computer and working my system.

Are you finally ready to have clients come to you... 
prequalified, willing, and ready to pay for your services?”
Do you need more clients for your coaching business but are exhausted from going to networking events, passing out business cards, and posting on social media?

Would you like to create an easy automated system that attracts prequalified, ideal clients who are ready to work with you, AND have a supportive coach through the entire project so you can be sure you’re doing the right thing?
If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, I’ve got great news for you.
There is a proven automated online system that lets you consistently gain more new and pre-qualified clients who are eager to work with you.

It’s the system that I and my clients have used to book our very own clients into our coaching programs.
It helps you gain more clients without traditional networking and without wasting money on advertising. Here’s how:

In a nutshell, it helps you gain clarity on whom to target, allowing you to bring them through a highly relevant, automated webinar sales funnel
Think it sounds hard?
 It’s not. 

And in less than six weeks, once your system is set up, all you’ll have to do is turn it on when you’re ready to fill your program with clients...

...and turn it off when you’re ready to start working with your newly acquired clients in your one-on-one or group coaching program.
My name is LaTisha Styles and I help my clients maximize ROI using highly converting webinar sales funnels to gain more clients online.

I’ve helped my clients book new high-ticket clients within 6 weeks, 4 weeks, and even directly after our first conversation.

I’ve been marketing my business online for 8+ years and during that time I’ve been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, Inc Magazine, and Business Insider to name a few.

My clients are influencers, expert coaches, speakers, thought leaders, authors, and are keenly focused on ROI, that is return on investment.
youve got clients
6-weeks to create an automated client gaining System
Use this "introvert-friendly" webinar sales funnel to fully book your group coaching, 1:1 coaching, and courses (even if you can't stand sales calls!)
Let The Results Speak!
I could have an entire sales page with the perfect words to convince you that this program is right for you.
But I believe results speak for themselves. 
So instead of wasting space with words you're just going to scroll past so you can get to the testimonials and investment, let's jump right into the results from You've Got Clients.
Client Case Study #1
Amanda Abella
- Business Coach
Amanda and I worked together in You've Got Clients to create her signature group coaching program and a webinar to help pre-sell clients before they got on the phone with her.

Hustling to get clients booked for one off calls and a low-ticket monthly membership. She realized she was leaving a lot of money on the table because many calls ended in, “I’ll get back to you.”

In just 2 weeks she filled her group coaching program with 7 new clients. The majority of whom paid in full on the first call. We created a webinar to bring her ideal clients through the right experience – making sure to include the exact persuasion points her ideal clients would view as enjoyable rather than sales-y. 

" business is on track to do $140,000 this year."
Client Case Study #2
This client asked to maintain her privacy, however she was generous enough to share the screenshots from her campaigns.

She worked with me to create a webinar that she could run on auto-pilot.

She generated $102,953 in sales with one webinar sales funnel and one offer.

"...first let me say THANK YOU for giving me the tools and coaching to make this kind of income on auto-pilot. Almost feels too easy now that it's built."
Client Case Study #3
Tela Holcomb
- Investing Coach
Tela and I worked together to create a highly converting webinar sales funnel for her group coaching program. She wanted a system that didn't force her to take sales calls all day.

Selling her coaching program via email with a few sales during each launch period.

A highly-converting webinar booking group coaching clients with no sales call needed. She now has this webinar running automatically booking clients each day. With an investment of just under $300 of in ad spend, in just one week she made $18,774 in sales for her training program.

"...I booked $18,774 in sales! I had to check the numbers twice."
The One Major Difference
Gaining more clients in your group or one-on-one programs is actually much simpler than you can imagine.
I’m going to let you in on a powerful secret. There is one thing, and one thing only, that sets successful coaches, consultants, and course creators apart from their less successful colleagues…

They understand that the key to building a thriving practice is having an automated Lead Generation system

Once in place, their system brings leads through a series of pre-qualifying events before they can even speak to the coach and it all starts with the first key concept that’s covered in You’ve Got Clients.
What makes this program so different and so much more successful than other programs? I’ll tell you.
You’ve Got Clients is a unique project-based approach that actually provides you with results.
The Details
here's what you'll discover in this Project-Based program
  • How to bring a constant, steady flow of new clients into your coaching business.
  •  Discover what makes your ideal client stop in their tracks and frantically grab their credit card.
  •  Discover how to gain clarity on your offers.
  •  Discover how to create a group coaching program with just the right amount of content to help your clients get the best results
  •  The NEW way to craft an irresistible offer so juicy you’ll hear “shut-up and take my money!” from your ideal client
  •  Discover how to position your offer so your clients will know exactly what you’re offering and why they need it.
  •  Gain confidence that you are the one that your clients should be working with and why your competition doesn’t even stand a chance.
  •  Discover what your clients really buy. This shocking secret can turn your business around in a hurry.
  •  Learn how “shifting-the-risk” can result in very real sales for your coaching business.
  •  Discover how to research the exact problems your ideal client is seeking to solve.
  •  Gain an amazingly simple, solid technique that will put an immediate end to slow periods in your business.
  •  How you can dominate your market share once your Core Benefit Statement is crafted such that it tells people exactly what it is you do.
  •  When to choose organic or paid traffic to grow your audience. 
  •  How to create an engaging live stream series to warm up cold prospects so they can know exactly what you’re offering.
  •  Exactly what to say to create a riveting webinar presentation that captivates your prospective clients, so they’ll want to stay until the end.
  •  How to create a landing page that’s consistent with your core offer so you can convert more prospective buyers into paying clients.
  •  Discover which online tools are most effective for your coaching business so you can spend your most precious time on those who need you more…your clients.
  •  How to seamlessly take your clients from ad to complimentary call, while avoiding those who will just waste your time. Hint: What are you currently using to screen out the tire kickers? If you said nothing, you’ll want to make sure you’re doing exactly what you’ll learn in You’ve Got Clients.
  •  The little known tool that allows you to perform intelligence on your ideal client’s desires so you’ll know exactly where to target them online.
  •  Discover the 4 things you should be discussing on your live streams to get your ideal client to pay attention.
  •  The secret to closing more sales over the phone so you can get immediate payment instead of allowing your clients to run away with “cold feet.”
  •  Discover how to overcome your client’s biggest objections before they even have a chance to present them.
  •  How to frame your sales calls so you’ll be able to confidently ask for the sale.
  •  How to save money on Facebook ads with this method. Hint: Facebook really likes when you do this!
  •  How to use Facebook ads to convert a “maybe” prospect into a “right now” client.
  •  How to leverage business testimonials to increase your credibility and the believability of your offer.
  •  How to create a leveraged group coaching program so you can get your time back.
  •  Plus much, much more!

Clarity on Your Offer and Your Audience
* Offer creation & pricing so you know exactly what to sell and how to price it
* Ideal client research so you know exactly what to say

What makes your ideal client stop in their tracks and frantically grab a credit card?? 
If you haven't been making the sales that you want, then you're missing CLARITY
You’re going to discover exactly what questions your ideal client needs to ask themselves before they become a buyer.
Launch Strategy
* Social messaging for your launch so you can use ads or send organic traffic

Now that you know exactly where you want your audience to end up, we'll craft a launch strategy that creates DESIRE for your program.

Each piece of content you create will seem so conversational and seamless, your audience won’t even realize they are in your launch vortex because they will be so mesmerized by the flawless execution.

Anti-Webinar™ Scripting
* A full scripted Anti-Webinar™ that engages your ideal client until the very end

If you've ever struggled to create a webinar, this is where you'll conquer that.
My Anti-Webinar framework eliminates all the fear, doubt, and writers-block that you used to experience when writing a webinar. 
This is the same framework I used to write full webinar in the 20 minutes it took my Delta pilot to land the plane into the LaGuardia airport.

Facebook & Instagram Ads Strategy
Facebook and Instagram are changing all the time. This live session is updated with the latest strategies that I’ve personally tested for myself and my clients.
You’ll see exactly what ad sizes to use to get conversions so cheap the ad budget is practically irrelevant.

You’ll also get the latest Instagram Stories strategies to find your buyers no matter where they decide to spend their time on social media.
Creation of Invitation and Follow-up Emails
*Email follow ups to capture every possible sale

Psst... This is how I manifest amazing clients ready to work with me. And I'll show you my exact 5 sequence email that QUALIFIES ideal clients and ELIMINATES tire-kickers. 

By the end of the week you will have all 5 emails created that are necessary to lead prospects from the live stream into the webinar and then from the webinar into a phone call..
You’ve Got Clients
* Tech templates & automation so the system works for you and not the other way around

Finally! Eliminate the need to go to numerous networking events, pass out business cards, and post daily on social media only to find clients who just waste your time.
During this week, you’ll plug your Anti-Webinar into the You’ve Got Clients system that runs day and night, so you can enjoy more of your free time

How Does the Program Work?
Each day you will have ONE item to accomplish. 

You will need about 1 hour each day for the task. 

And you're going to get this DONE. 

Each assignment is explained in a short video of fewer than 15 minutes so you’ll never have to wonder what to do next, or how to prioritize your tasks. 
I’ve done all the heavy lifting for you. 

And if you have any questions or would like support from your peers, I’ve set up a private community where you can chat with other YGC students.

All you have to do is follow my step-by-step guidelines.
Ultimately, In 6 weeks you will have…
 1. A proven system so you can gain more clients online on autopilot
2. Targeted content that draws in buyers and the Facebook ads strategy so you can duplicate yourself over and over
3. An automated Anti-Webinar sales presentation that runs day and night, so you can enjoy more of your free time
4. Ideal clients ready to sign up so you can avoid all the tire kickers who just want to waste your time.
5. 5 strategically crafted emails set to continuously engage your leads.
6. A follow-up strategy, or “return path” to implement so you can continually engage prospects that have made it to your email list but are not quite ready to buy and,
7. A strategy and the ability to close more sales to all the clients who make it through your sales funnel.
You Will Also Receive:
Access to the You’ve Got Clients Student Group
You’ll be able to get peer support, share your wins and see what has been working for other YGC students and graduates as well.
Project Management Dashboard
Facebook Ads Retargeting Setup
This is the secret to capturing all of the sales you’ve been leaving on the table.
I’ll show you how to leverage all of your content to break through any lingering doubts your ideal client might have. 
Sales Call Bootcamp
Amazing things happen when you get ideal clients on the phone. Discovery sessions feel like chatting with an old friend. And suddenly you start to hear, "How do we get started?" With this bonus you'll refine your process and get my exact sales scripts to close the deal with every ideal client you speak with. 

Client Case Study #4
Kelly James
- Sales Coach
Kelly and I worked together on a webinar that clearly defined the results he was getting his clients. He was tired of live streaming every day to get calls booked on his calendar.

Kelly was live streaming on a regular basis to get calls booked, and that was working, but it was also burning him out.

We crafted a webinar that spoke to the right client, established his value, and highlighted the return on investment he has helped clients achieve.
 He began booking calls with high quality leads and booked 5 new clients at his new doubled rates.

"...I booked 5 new clients and doubled my rates."
Client Case Study #5
Dr. Darko
- Coach to Pre-Med Students
Dr. Renée and I worked together in You've Got Clients to create a 1:1 coaching package. Although she had some technical difficulties, she launched her webinar and booked two new clients.

She had 10-12 people on average showing up on her scheduled live streams and selling on-off coaching sessions to students here and there.

Created a webinar to sell her one-on-one high-ticket coaching program.

"...I've got clients!"
You could be getting similar or even better results. All it takes is applying the simple, You’ve Got Clients system into your coaching business.
Everything you need to know to quickly build a thriving system to gain more clients in your coaching business is revealed in complete step-by-step detail. 

You Don't Have To Be Advanced At ANY Of This.
It's Easy to get started
Getting started couldn’t be easier. 
And it’s priced so that everyone who is committed can afford it.

My group program is not just what you’re getting during the 6 weeks, but what you will be able to do going forward.

Set aside 6-weeks to set up this system just once, and finally have a client gaining process in place for now and for good.

If you can get a steady stream of new clients who value your service and are willing to pay for it, allowing you to have your time back, what is that actually worth to you?
I can’t put an exact dollar figure on it for you – only you can do that. But I can tell you this: You’ve Got Clients could very possibly be the best investment you’ll ever make for your business. 

If your coaching program is priced at least $1,500 (and it likely should be, which is another thing we discuss in You’ve Got Clients), then just ONE high-quality client covers your investment.

To begin automating your business as soon as possible, enroll right now in You've Got Clients.
5 Monthly Payments
  • The Full You've Got Clients Project-Based Program
  • Access to the You've Got Clients Student Community 
  • Plug & Play Done For You Templates
  • Facebook Ads Retargeting Setup Guide
  • Access to Previous Mock Sales Call Trainings
  • 1:1 60-Minute Sales Call Bootcamp
  • VIP - 1:1 Review of The Entire Project As You Go
  • VIP - 8 Weeks of Personal Messenger Access with LaTisha

  • Bonus
    Tech Support Library

(Save $488)
  • The Full You've Got Clients Project-Based Program
  • Access to the You've Got Clients Student Community 
  • Plug & Play Done For You Templates
  • Facebook Ads Retargeting Setup Guide
  • Access to Previous Mock Sales Call Trainings
  • 1:1 60-Minute Sales Call Bootcamp
  • VIP - 1:1 Review of The Entire Project As You Go
  • VIP - 8 Weeks of Personal Messenger Access with LaTisha

  • Bonus
    Tech Support Library

VIP Study with Tish
Limited Spaces Available
  • The Full You've Got Clients Project-Based Program
  • Access to the You've Got Clients Student Community 
  • Plug & Play Done For You Templates
  • Facebook Ads Retargeting Setup Guide
  • Access to Previous Mock Sales Call Trainings
  • 1:1 60-Minute Sales Call Bootcamp
  • VIP - 1:1 Review of The Entire Project As You Go
  • VIP - 8 Weeks of Personal Messenger Access with LaTisha

  • Bonus
    Tech Support Library

*Live coaching calls are available in the optional monthly support package. 
We Can Only Work Together If
You’ve gotten results for clients in your area of expertise.

You’re resourceful, coachable, and decisive.

You’re committed to your success.

You want a business that gives you freedom to choose how you fill your hours.

You currently have or would like to create a Coaching program priced at or above $1,500 per client and you'd like to enroll more of your dream clients. (We'll make sure your pricing is perfect for your audience.)

 I Invite You to Put All the Risk Entirely on Me
If, after setting up your client gaining system, you are not able to get ONE new client , then I don’t deserve your money. 

just email support for an immediate refund.
That’s how confident I am that You’ve Got Clients will dramatically change the way you gain clients into your coaching business.
Stop Your Futile Efforts of Cold Calling, Ineffective Social Media Posting, and Passing Out Business Cards at Boring Networking Events – Do Something About it Today!
You’ve Got Clients is your solution to getting all the highly qualified clients you need…closing far more sales…and regaining control of your business rather than having your business run you. And most importantly, it’s your solution to freeing up time so you can spend it where it’s needed the most…on your clients.
Don’t wait. Enroll today. And we’ll get started right away to implement your client attraction system that attracts prequalified, ideal clients who are ready to work with you.

"I have gotten really sharp with automation tools"

"Today I launched my NEW re-branded website. I am so excited because it pushed me to focus on my business, just as much as I have focused on my clients.

Since working with LaTisha D Styles I have gotten really sharp with automation tools, speaking the language of my consumers and creating sales funnels. Thanks Tish! You are a life-saver."
Jamillah Rahmaad
PR & Brand Coach,

More client results
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