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This Proven system lets you consistently 
gain more new and pre-qualified clients 
who are eager to work with you.
If you’re interested in discovering how to gain more clients without traditional networking or wasting money on advertising, then this is probably the most important message that you’re ever going to hear.
I didn’t build a multi-five figure online coaching business overnight.
But in one year I was able to 
earn a full-time income just from 
coaching and consulting online.

I’m going to show you how I created a system
 that allowed me to earn 
 $51,526 as a brand new coach. 

I’m not special, I just found a system that works.

A lot of this was trial and error the entire year, 
figuring out piece by piece. 

I want to help you avoid all of the trial and error, is that ok?
I started with nothing but determination and 
a willingness to test and learn from my mistakes

In the process of creating this system there were 
3 main things I discovered 
that allowed me to have this success.

Ready to hear what they were?
Secret #1
I Can Get Clients to Convince Themselves to Buy
When I first started my coaching business I was able to get referral clients so those were easy yes’s.
Then I heard 10 straight no’s. 

I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t find clients who were willing to pay. 

Sound familiar? 
What I discovered was It’s about finding the people who need what I have to offer,
 not the people who may or may not want it.

Kinda like when I spend $5 to buy water at the club. I know I could get that same water for 32 cents if I bought an entire case, but hey, after dancing for a few hours, who cares about the extra $4 and 68 cents, am I right?
"People don't like to be sold, but they love to buy."
- Best Selling Author, Sales Bible, Jeffery Gitomer
What I discovered was that if I could get my ideal client 
to ASK THEMSELVES certain questions and create the need
they would actually sell themselves on 
why they needed my services

I discovered what those questions were and I created a piece of content 
for each question that would cause them to ask the questions
 they needed to ask in order to sell themselves.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to feel sales-y to make sales? 
And Clients would come to you ready to buy?
That’s exactly what happened to me.

By now I was getting a client here and a client there. 

But I knew there was a way to ramp things up.

Naturally, my next question was how do I get in front of even more people? 

Do you want to get in front of more people?

That’s when I made my second big discovery.
Secret #2
I Don’t Have to Post Constantly on Social Media to Get Clients
"The Curse of the Drive By like..."
How much time Is your Client spending scrolling versus stopping?
As a new coach, I didn’t have an audience or an email list. 

And I really didn’t have a lot of money to spend on ads. 

That would be the easiest way right? 

If I could just spend an unlimited amount of money on ads?
Without a large budget, I figured if I wanted more clients that I would just increase the content that I put out there.

Kinda like posting business flyers on every inch of the neighborhood.

Have you ever seen a business owner do this? 

They start posting daily promotions or flyers on Instagram or on Facebook?
Well, I decided I was going to do one better. Instead of posting pictures and flyers, 

I was going to host live videos.

So I started doing live streams to reach more people.

I streamed everyday for 31 days non-stop. Sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it? Now I was reaching more people, but somehow I wasn’t turning those viewers into clients.

There was a piece missing.

And going back to my first discovery, I suddenly knew what it was.
I needed to get my Content out to more of the RIGHT people, 
not just more people.

If you could speak to more of the RIGHT people, 
do you think you could make more sales?
I figured out how to get those live streams in front of my ideal client using the right ads.

This is what started to happen. 

I started spending a little bit here and there, and buyers started finding me! 

Pretty sweet, right?

I realized that I actually didn’t need to stream every day. 

I was so relieved. Wouldn't you be?

There were only 3 things that I needed 
for each live stream to bring in clients. 
1) A short value based series with question triggers
2) a catchy title
3) an engaging story 
I could do these live or prerecorded. 
My calendar started filling up with calls and that month I hit my first five-figure month.
Wouldn’t that be great if you could take more calls with pre-sold clients?
Do you see now how getting the RIGHT content in front of more of the RIGHT people can result in easier sales without posting constantly on social media?
Secret #3
I Only Need a Little Bit of Money to Make This Work
One of my clients used this exact same strategy and made $25 for every dollar she put in.

Isn't that amazing?
"Only Spend on Those Most Likely to Buy."
Otherwise known as the most profitable secret in advertising.
If you had something like that working, what would your ad budget be?

 Well let’s think. 

If you could go to a machine, put in $1 and get out $25... 

I’d do that as much as possible, wouldn’t you? 

Because at that point it’s no longer an expense, it’s an investment, right?
After working with several clients, I realized that the strategy that I use works best when selling a service priced at or above $1,000. 
I spent a little bit to get the first few clients, 
and when I want to book more clients I just spend a little more on ads.

My business was not quite ready for the flow of leads I began to receive 
so I took a step back to improve operations.

After getting my business operation systems in place I flipped the switch back on my buyer leads system in November. 

Three whole months after that first success.

At first I was nervous because I felt like I had wasted too much time putting systems in place.
But then I hit my next two five-figure months in a row in November and December. I did TWO happy dances, wouldn’t you? 
My system brings BUYERS.
  •  It knows exactly who to target,
  •  finds where they are,
  •  filters down to who is most likely to say yes, 
  •  gets them to pay attention, 
  •  sends a series of emails to capture all sales, 
  •  selects buyers for a phone call with me for a high-ticket purchase, and tells me what to say to close, 
  •  or directs them to an order form for a lower ticket purchase.
And because it’s a system, once you set it up you can use the same system for anything that you want to release. Make sense?

This exact system only costs me about $300 a month to book 1-2 clients a month. That’s $10 a day.

Could you find $10 a day to invest in a system that could bring you clients?
Here’s what the math looks like...
When I spend $300 to get 150 people and find 5 buyers at $1500 each, 
that’s $7500 and a 25 times return on investment.

Even on slow months when I have limited time to run my system and I can only make one sale at $1500, that’s still 5 times my money back.
With a system like this, do you see how you could grow a steady income?
Especially when you can avoid cold outreach and only focus on buyers?
So let me ask you a question... 

Would you like full access to my entire system and have my help to set this up for your business?
You’re going to get my step-by-step focused approach and confidence that you can do it again and again
Every step of the way you’re going to have accountability - you’re not doing this alone.

And unlike courses and other programs where you get a lot of training without anything tangible to show at the end, by the time you are done you will have a full project completed.

My results-based approach means that by the end, you will have my fully functioning system working for you.
Hi, I'm LaTisha!

And I'm here to help you take action and get massive results.
This is my exact client gaining system to help you gain more clients online without wasting time on social media, or getting on calls with clients who just waste your time.
In 6 weeks you will have...
A proven system so you can gain more clients online on auto-pilot
3 live streams and the Facebook ads strategy so you can duplicate yourself over and over
An automated sales presentation that runs day and night so you can actually enjoy some free time
Targeted ideal clients ready to sign up so you can avoid all of the tire-kickers who just want to waste your time
You Will Also Have:
* Email swipes to lead your tribe into your live streams
* My full webinar outline so you can plug and play
* The exact email follow up sequence that increased my conversions 200%
* Facebook ads retargeting set up (This is the secret to capturing ALL of the sales you've been leaving on the table.)
You don't have to be advanced at ANY of this. Each day you will have ONE item to accomplish. 
You're going to have DAILY accountability during the 6 weeks.
And you're going to get this DONE.
Here's what it looks like:
Clarity on Your Offer and Your Audience
What makes your ideal client stop in their tracks and frantically grab a credit card?? 
If you haven't been making the sales that you want, then you're missing CLARITY
You’re going to discover exactly what questions your ideal client needs to ask themselves before they become a buyer.
3 Day Live Stream Outline
Now that you know exactly where you want your audience to end up, we'll craft a 3 part series that creates DESIRE for your program. Not comfortable going live? 
I'll show you how to go live without actually being live. Yep, it works perfectly when you're terrified of going live.
Facebook Ads Setup
Before you host your live streams, we'll outline and EXECUTE your Facebook ads strategy to target your ideal client and get them ENGAGED and READY for your program. Then once you host your live streams I'll show you my push button strategy to bring in new clients for less than $50.
Webinar Creation
If you've ever struggled to create a webinar, this is where you'll conquer that. 
My 3 step process is all you need to create an engaging sales presentation that you can use OVER and OVER AGAIN to help you bring in clients on auto-pilot.
Creation of Invitation and Follow-up Emails
Psst... This is how I manifest amazing clients ready to work with me. And I'll show you my exact 5 sequence email that QUALIFIES ideal clients and ELIMINATES tire-kickers. By the end of the week you will have all 10 emails created.
Sales Call Bootcamp
Amazing things happen when you get ideal clients on the phone. Discovery sessions feel like chatting with an old friend. And suddenly you start to hear, "How do we get started?" During this week you'll refine your process and get my exact sales scripts to close the deal with every ideal client you speak with.
As we work together to get this project completed, I’m going to personally review every piece of homework, every social media post, every ad, every live stream topic, every outline, every slide, everything.
  •  Are you tired of being stuck?
  •  Ready to finally get clarity and lock in your direction so you can focus?
  •  How about finally getting the exact blueprint for ads that actually work so you can stop wasting money?
  •  Do you want to set up your client gaining system so you can stop wasting time?
  •  And grow your business by avoiding people who just want to waste your time and energy? 
But LaTisha, I’m an introvert!
Guess what? So am I. I really love working behind the computer. And that’s exactly why I created this system. It’s introvert-friendly - you don’t even have to be live if you don’t want to.
But LaTisha, I’ve already tried spending money on ads!
If ads didn’t work for you in the past, it’s really not your fault. They can be confusing, and unless you have a large budget to test out lots of different ads and different targeting, you could really lose lots of money. That’s why I love my system. Because it only focuses on BUYERS you can spend as little as $50 to make a lot.
Is the system a piece of software?
The system makes use of a funnel software, and email marketing software, and a phone booking software. What makes it brings in buyers is what we put in.
What other tools do I have to spend money on?
There are a lot of tools out there that you can use to put this system together. I was using 4 or 5 different tools before I got this system to work. But once I did, I streamlined everything into a simple $99 a month option. With this option, you can bypass all of the tech headache and get up and running as quickly as possible.
What happens if I can’t do one of the daily tasks?
If you have trouble with any of the tasks just reach out in the student group. It’s likely that someone else has had the same stopping point and can help, and I’m in there to support as well.
What kind of business do I need to make this work?
This system works if you provide a service. You could be a consultant offering done for you services to clients. Or you could be a coach offering training and support for clients. Either way, if you have a skill that you offer then this system will work for you.
What if I’m still trying to figure out what I want to do?
If you have not yet worked with a client and gotten at least one testimonial, then you will need to go through the free Gain More Clients challenge to get up to speed. That will help you figure out exactly what you want to do and if you can deliver results.
Is this going to work for me?
This is the same system that I used to invite you here today. Did it work to bring you here? There’s only two reasons that you wouldn’t invest at this point. You either already have a system that is working to bring you clients, OR you like the hustle of chasing down clients.
Is this just like every other sales funnel training out there?
This is NOT a sales funnel training. This is a full front to back system that gives you back your time, only speaks to buyers, and runs day and night. This is a project based program with a deliverable at the end, your client gaining system.
I’m selling a course that is only $97. Will this work for me?
This system works best for services priced at $1,000 or higher. It could be a group coaching program, a done for you service, or a self-study course.
I’ve never done a live stream before. Do I need to do them?
This system works best with live streams. If you’re scared to go live, then you’ll want to use “The Construct” strategy so you won’t have to be live. I teach this in week 2.
I’m no good at sales. What if I get phone calls booked but I can’t close any?
Throughout the entire program you’ll be getting sales training and because the system only brings you buyers, the calls that you DO take will be much different than any calls you’ve taken in the past.
You'll be able to listen to sales calls from former students as they have their process critiqued.
Finally, in week 6, you’ll have the opportunity for a hot seat to have your closing process reviewed. 
I’ll also share with you my Messenger bot system for closing sales via message.
I’ve tried everything and nothing has worked in the past. How do I know this will work?
It’s about finding the right system for you. Most teachers out there teach strategies that work for extroverts only. “Go live every day, network at your local chamber of commerce, make phone calls when you get a business card, etc”. My system was specifically designed for someone like me. Someone who has the skills to deliver, but just needs to avoid all of those energy draining tasks.
What if I invest and it still doesn’t work for me?
As a business owner you have to understand that all of your investments are at risk. However, because I want you to succeed, I’m going to remove the risk for you with my 100% Full Effort Clause. If the You’ve Got Clients system does not bring you at least 1 lead within 45 days then I don’t deserve your money. You must show that you put in the work by completing the full system. Simply contact http://m.me/latishatv and I will process a full refund.
P.S. This is the exact strategy that allowed my client to earn $4,491 in one night 
and hit five-figures in less than a week.

Because I will be working with you so closely, there are limited spots available
(15 full-service spots to be exact.)

We're starting right away with weekly accountability calls and daily tasks.

You're going to need an hour each day.


If your time management sucks, then this program is not for you.
So who exactly is this for?
* You help your clients achieve a transformation by coaching them or consulting.

* You have worked with at least one client and have a client testimonial. (if you don't then I recommend that you go through the #GainMoreClients challenge first.)

* You have a program priced anywhere from $1,000+ and you'd like to enroll more of your dream clients. (We'll make sure your pricing is perfect for your audience.)

* You have a few things in place now but you want stop learning as you go and just get a full system in place already. 

* You're not afraid of hard work, you got rid of your excuses and you're ready to assume the throne and give yourself permission to be great.

* You want a business that can give you time freedom and space to spend time with your family.

Self Study Payment Plan
6 monthly payments 
(That's $6.56 per day)
  • The Full You've Got Clients Project-Based Program
  • Access to the You've Got Clients Student Community 
  • Plug & Play Done For You Templates
  • Access to 10+ Archived Group Strategy Calls
  • Review of Entire Project As You Go
  • 3 months of Unlimited Consulting with LaTisha
  • Weekly Strategy Session with LaTisha

  • Bonus
    Tech Support Library

Pay in full - Save $185
Pay in Full and Save

  • The Full You've Got Clients Project-Based Program
  • Access to the You've Got Clients Student Community 
  • Plug & Play Done For You Templates
  • Access to 10+ Archived Group Strategy Calls
  • Review of Entire Project As You Go
  • 3 months of Unlimited Consulting
  • Weekly Strategy Session with LaTisha

  • Bonus
    Tech Support Library

Self Study

  • The Full You've Got Clients Project-Based Program
  • Access to the You've Got Clients Student Community 
  • Plug & Play Done For You Templates
  • Access to 10+ Archived Group Strategy Calls
  • Review of Entire Project As You Go
  • 3 months of Unlimited Consulting with LaTisha
  • Weekly Strategy Session with LaTisha

  • Bonus
    Tech Support Library

Interested? Send me a message via Facebook and let's see if you're a good fit for the program.

There are only 15 spots available.

This program comes with a 48 hour no-questions asked 100% money back guarantee. If for any reason it is not what you expected, just email [email protected] for an immediate refund.

If the You’ve Got Clients system does not bring you at least 1 lead within 45 days then I don’t deserve your money. You must show that you put in the work by completing the system.
If I can't get you results then I don't deserve your money. Period.

48-Hour No Questions Asked

48-Hour No Questions Asked Return Policy

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