It feels like...

Peeling the plastic from a brand new phone.

A blanket fresh from the dryer.

Popping those bubble wrap things. 

Those are all extremely satisfying.

But there's one more thing that beats them all.


It's the sound your phone makes when sales start flowing in.


There it goes again.

That sound is how you know it's finally working.

It is your sales funnel and it is the secret to satisfaction.


Your sales funnel is the simple process of bringing a potential client down a path of getting to know you, like you, trust you, and ultimately buy from you.

But I realize that you might not have a sales funnel and you are missing that satisfaction.

Before you start singing “I can’t get no....satisfaction” let me help you out.

My name is LaTisha Styles and a few years ago...

...I quit my job.

I was so excited to work for myself and become a true entrepreneur.

Imagine my disappointment when just a few months into entrepreneurship, I was forced back into the 9-5 world because I couldn't earn enough to stay quit. 

Fast forward a few months and two words changed everything.

I was able to not only quit my job, but I've stayed quit for 5 years (and counting!).

Today I run a business that has generated multiple six-figures and reaches hundreds of students each month.

So what were those two words?


Once I discovered how to properly use sales funnels, I was able to sell my services, courses, and coaching on a consistent basis.

So what is a sales funnel, and how can you implement one for your business?

That's exactly what I cover in the Funnel to Freedom mini-course.

The Funnel to Freedom mini-course covers all of the questions I heard from you on how to create a sales funnel including...

  • How to get leads through FB ads
  • How to make someone click the buy button
  • How to provide value without giving everything away
  • How to figure out the correct product to offer
  • How to do a basic sales funnel in your email manager
  • How to write sales copy
  • How to map out your funnel
  • How to choose the hook that brings someone into the funnel
  • How long should your funnel be before you ask for the sale
  • How to get people to buy
  • How to use a funnel to build and monetize your list quickly
  • How to connect your current optins to a results producing funnel
  • The exact funnel process, day 1 do this, day 2 do this, etc.
  • How to apply what you learn to different types of funnels and products
  • How to make sure you’re maximizing sales potential at each level
  • Proper pricing
  • When to aggravate the problem and when to provide the solution
  • The systems to set up your funnel
  • How to fill your funnel with quality leads
  • What to say to get people to buy
  • The right funnel for a high-end coaching program
  • The most affordable way to build a funnel

I could go on, because you've also asked for...

  • Sales funnel templates
  • How to get a client in the door as quickly as possible without this relationship building thing
  • How to generate your first set of leads
  • Setting up your sales funnel to run on automation

So I created Funnel to Freedom to answer all of those questions and more. 

Funnel to Freedom Workshop

Here’s what we’re covering…

  • Where to Begin Your Funnel
  • How to Plan the Customer Journey Through Your Funnel
  • The Simplest Funnel Ever - and how to set it up in a weekend
  • How to Write Copy for Your Sales Funnel
  • How Many Emails to Send Before Asking for the Sale
  • What Price Points to Set in Your Funnel
  • How to Get Leads into Your Funnel
  • How to Increase Conversions and Sales

After the Workshop, Dive Into These Additional Trainings...


  • Workshop on How to Write a Sales Page
  • The 4 Letter Sales Page Formula guide that you can use over and over again for your free and paid offers


  • The 4 Step Email Funnel to Book Coaching Clients
  • The 4 Step Email Funnel Workbook
  • Email Funnel Resource Guide
  • My Six-Figure Email Marketing Strategy Video Training


  • My Shopping Cart and How to Set it Up
  • How to Create Payment Options and Direct Purchase Links
  • How to Install My Shopping Cart Design Instantly
  • How to Edit the Design to Fit Your Brand


  • A Walkthrough of Instagram Swipe Ads, Facebook Feed Ads, and How to Model Them
  • A Copy of Each of the Ads


  • My text message software and how I use it
  • How to send automated drip texts to promote and provide value
  • Why I switched from sending messages via facebook

When you enroll now, you'll also get these


BONUS #1 -

* How to Create a Simple Lead Magnet
* How to Send Your Lead Magnet Automatically
* How to Set Up a Landing Page for Your Lead Magnet

BONUS #2 -

* Sample Ads You Can Model
* The Email Sequence That Brought $65,000 in Year One of My Coaching Business
* Landing pages that I use and why they work

BONUS #3 -

* All the tools I use to create simple sales funnels including my shopping cart, my phone call booking system, my email service provider, my landing page creator and more!
* A Sales Funnel Checklist so you can make sure that you don’t miss a step - it’s easy to forget to link something and suddenly you have a leaky funnel where leads fall out!
* Automation walkthrough so you can see how I test my funnels and put them on autopilot 

BONUS #4 - 

* The Funnel to Freedom Marketing Plan so you can map out your goals and know exactly how many leads you need to achieve them

Yes, I'm in!

Meet Your Coach - LaTisha Styles

LaTisha Styles is a stubborn believer in the power of manifestation.

As a marketing consultant and success coach, she empowers her audience to create their own version of a lavish life through entrepreneurship, allowing them to set their own hours, serve perfect fit clients, as well as save, spend, and earn as much money as they desire.

She does this through transformational luxury retreats hosted in places like San Juan, Puerto Rico and Playa Del Carmen, Mexico; one-on-one coaching sessions, intimate group masterminds, and through on-demand courses & workshops.

Using her strategies, clients achieve results anywhere from booking their first clients, to generating $18,000 in 2 weeks, $15,500 in a month, $10,000 in 10 days, and even earning over a million dollars in 12 months with the “introvert-friendly” sales systems she has developed.

She has been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Fast Company, and on tv as a contributor to her local CBS affiliate.

What our clients say:


Today I launched my NEW re-branded website. I am so excited because it pushed me to focus on my business, just as much as I have focused on my clients.

Since working with LaTisha Styles I have gotten really sharp with automation tools, speaking the language of my consumers and creating sales funnels. Thanks Tish! You are a life-saver.

Jamillah R.

PR & Brand Coach


LaTisha helped me gain clarity in my business. She gave me clear guidelines on what my next steps should be.

Before, I felt scattered and my ideas and services were all over the place. She helped me narrow my focus.

I’ve gained 3 new clients since working with her and my website hasn’t even launched yet.

Candice M.
Design Consultant


When I contacted LaTisha and decided to invest with her, I had a very clear monthly income goal. LaTisha created a strategy to help me eventually hit that goal, and we got to work.

During our time together she helped me launch my very first webinar and I gained 4 new clients! Not only did she help me raise my monthly income by 285% but I earned back my entire investment in one night!

Kevin M. II
Wealth Coach

Will this work for me?

No matter what business you have, you must have a sales funnel.

It can be as simple as live stream to checkout...

...or as complicated as ad to lead magnet to email sequence to webinar to email sequence to phone call.

The simple truth is this:

Sales funnels create automated cash flow for coaches, consultants, e-commerce sellers, speakers, course creators, and more.

Now you have the chance to generate more leads and sales too.

Yes, I'm in!

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